How to turn your Android smartphone in HDD external wireless

need to quickly find a storage solution, but you don’t have your cable on hand? Want to give back a little use to a previous device taking the dust all alone in my corner? Why doesn’t everything just turn your smartphone, wireless external hard drive! To do this, simply follow our tutorial.


smartphones have become almost omnipotent, capable to serve instantly to you on a daily basis and for many things. Of course, they carry with them a good storage capacity, which can quickly save you when you don’t have a USB key on you.

But what happens if you don’t have your cable on you? And if, quite simply, you want to free you from your cable at home to transfer some files from one computer to another? All this is perfectly possible with your smartphone.

What easily give new life to an old phone, which would then serve as a wireless external hard drive, or even your phone for him to find still new added value! To do this, simply follow our tutorial.


  • be on the same Wi – Fi network between the computer and the phone

Note that the method that we will explain also works well with Windows and Mac computers. We will only make a record of your available computer, wireless telephone, using an application. There is no more than that to make changes, and it isn’t absolutely necessary to be root for this market.

Note, however, that the devices you want to connect must be connected to the same WiFi network. Otherwise, they will not be able to communicate wirelessly between them: so it will be impossible to use this trick. Remember so well connect your computer and your smartphone on the same WiFi network when you want to use your phone as a wireless external hard drive.

1 – install the application Pocketshare

to achieve this, we will need to download an application. It was developed by Appcube, and is not at risk: no need to allow installation of unknown sources, it is directly available on the Store over here:

download and run the Pocketshare application on your smartphone. You will simply accept that the application accesses to your repository (naturally) to use it.


arrived on the reception of the application, you will directly see the remaining free space on your phone, which can be directly used as external hard drive by the application. Feel free to make room If you need.

If you use a Mac, you can directly proceed to step 3. For users of Windows computers, a little subtlety is still to do to allow your computer to use it.

2 – configure its Windows PC

Automatic Mode

Mac systems are able to detect automatically the folder created by Pocketshare, which is not necessarily the case of Windows. To facilitate the installation of the server, the developer provides a small utility, to application, to create a ‘.bat’ file which will configure itself to your computer.

To do this, go in the settings of the application, by clicking the icon of cog in the top right. Then select “Help”, and scroll down until you get to the section “Windows”. At the bottom, select the letter that your network hard drive will take, and press “Save configuration”.


once this is done, look in the section ‘Option 1’: an internet address is given to you. Type it in the search bar of your favorite web browser, without forgetting the “ftp: / /” in front. In our example, this is so ‘ ‘.

By typing the address in your search bar, you can directly access the contents of your Pocketshare folder! So you can use it to transfer files from your phone to your PC’s wireless.


to go further, do a right-click on “pocket_windows.bat” and click on “Save as”. Put the file in any folder of your phone (here, we put it in My Documents).

Once it is downloaded, right click and select “Run as Administrator”. A warning message appears. Don’t worry: click on “More information” and then click “run anyway.


a black window will appear and disappear very quickly: it is the process of installing your drive network hard, it’s quite normal. Restart your computer, and that is: your phone will appear in your documents under the name Pocketshare!

Manual mode

If this didn’t work, don’t worry: we have another solution for you. In your file Explorer, choose ‘This PC’. In an empty area, right click and choose “add a network location”.


a new window opens, click Next. Select “choose a custom network location”. In address network or the internet, put the same address as we saw previously ( in the example).


click Next, leave “log anonymous” checked and click Next. Now, you can give a name to the file that will be created. Feel free to identify it in the way you want it, as with the model of your phone or a nickname. We chose ‘my phone’ in the example. Click Next.


and here! Now, when Pocketshare is launched on your phone, you can use the storage memory of it wireless with the newly created folder that appears directly in your file Explorer!

3 – transfer files wireless

to transfer files from your computer to your phone, it’s easy: simply drag any file from your computer to this new window, or even copy – paste a file from your computer in the Pocketshare folder.


so that this works, please well to what your phone is not put to sleep and that the application is launched. Once the transfer is done, you can find your file in the “Files” for the reception, you can directly open.

If you want to send from your phone to your computer, it is just as easy! Indeed, Pocketshare works like any standard mobile application: just to share.


choose the file you want to send, and then select Pocketshare. The application will tell you that the file has been made available in your share folder. Don’t you just have to open your computer to the Pocketshare folder, and you find yourself directly!

And here! Once everything is installed, there is nothing to do: just launch the Pocketshare application when you want to transfer your files directly from your computer to your phone, and vice versa! Remember however if it works, then you are connected to the same network on both devices, otherwise nothing will work.

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