How to improve the connectivity of your Android smartphone

you are disappointed with your new smartphone connection? With a few tricks, you can improve overall connectivity: wifi, 3G, Bluetooth, but also for some recalcitrant devices GPS, through the connection sharing. Here some tips to transform a normal smartphone into a beast of connectivity.

improve the WiFi your smartphone

Wifi analyzer lets you know what is the best channel to use for your particular network. Without going into details, it is convenient to optimize its network when you’re not a computer engineer.

The other trick is very useful for the office or other public places because it lets you know which network has the most stable connection. Indeed, your smartphone, like any device equipped with a receiver, offers a list of the networks listed in order of power, but at one point only. With graphics of pesky Wifi Analyzer, you can choose the network that presents the most stable curve.

androidpit FR wifi analyzer
graphic keys are a plus to quickly see what is the best network wifi nearby, for example. © AndroidPIT

the third, it’s easy access to details of type IP address, gateway, DNS, network, etc. Not essential, but useful sometimes.

  • App version: 3.9.9 – L

  • the app size: 2.2 MB

  • app compatibility: Android 2.3 or more

  • economic model: completely free

Wifi Analyzer Install on Google Play

improve access to the wifi network

something else that greatly improves the home wifi connection It’s the optimization of the location of the router. It is often placed right next to the phone or cable plug. If you can move, take a look at the application WiFi Solver FDTD that allows you to see at a glance where will all these waves from your modem.  

  • App version: 2.7

  • size of the app: 877 KB

  • app compatibility: Android 4.0 or more

  • business model: paid (€0.63)

WiFi Solver FDTD Install on Google Play

improve the Bluetooth

the Bluetooth is very convenient: it allows you to quickly connect to any kind of accessory : headphones, speakers, keyboard, etc. The trouble is that to transfer files, it’s useless limit so it’s slow in most cases. It’s a shame, because it’s much more convenient than USB and more secure than a cloud, in principle.

The trick to improve the connection Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet, is to get a Bluetooth adapter for your computer. The transfer speed should be improved a lot, especially if you have a portable computer entry.

bluetooth adapter inateck
a Bluetooth adapter looks like this. © Inateck / Amazon

the Bluetooth is also subject and even more susceptible to interference. Make sure to disable the Bluetooth for unnecessary devices, you speed up the connection time between the useful devices.  

Improve the GPS (GPS FIX)

If you wish to do this, you are probably very frustrated by the performance of your GPS. Some Chinese devices including take up to several minutes to hang a GPS server and allow their use to the user.

The problem can be easily solved through a GPS Test application. On the other hand, if this does not improve, you may have a problem of NTP server, allowing stupidly to manage time. To change it, it must be rooted and install a dedicated application.

androidpit google maps gps 3
the GPS problem symptom: an abnormally long location. © ANDROIDPIT

all the details in the article: how to troubleshoot GPS of the Wiko Cink Five whose procedures are applicable to other smartphones as the Wiko Cink Five.

Improve the sharing of connection (tethering)

connection sharing, it’s a bit what saves us life when there is no wifi at your fingertips and you want to use my laptop computer. Unfortunately, it is sometimes very, very slow. Well, if it is bound to your data connection itself, you don’t have much other choice than to move to 4G and a bigger package.

Know everything and there are some application, including + Pdanet . This application is known and recognized, very easy to use and allows to your computer or other device to share their connection. It does not require the root and even if its design is simply ugly, it is simple and effective.

  • App version: 4.17

  • the app size: 179 KB

  • app compatibility: Android 2.2 or more

  • economic model: completely free

+ PdaNet Install on Google Play

did you know other tricks or other software to improve connectivity?

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