How to have the photo app to the Google Pixel on any phone

the Google Pixel were presented by Google there are few at the event “Made by Google. They claim to be the best photophones of the market, with a score of 89 to DxOMarK tests. But their remade photo app was exclusive… until now. Find out how to install the photo app to the Google Pixel on any Android phone.


this year, Google made some happy and some disappointed. It must be said that he was there when it was never thought to find it: on the lands of Apple, to highlight its brand and its products before anything else.

While the Nexus range was rather designed for developers and aficionados tech, Google Pixel and XL were unveiled with a penchant for the high end and the grandiloquent: the developer has definitely become a builder, and appropriates Android also with its own overlay.

In response, many of its innovations of the year, including Google Wizard, have been made exclusive to these new devices. But Android is still a system free, free to us therefore to explain how to recover Wizard on all of your devices… but also its new Camera application.

Download the APK Camera Google Pixel

and Yes! Google has released its factories of the Google Pixel images, allowing developers to extract the Camera application and turn it into an installable APK for all. To do this, you simply open the installation from unknown sources on your phone:

  • go to parameters

  • go to security ,

  • check the box ‘ unknown Sources

once it’s done, you just visit here to download the APK on your phone. ” Tap it, and install it naturally. Once the installation is complete, please uncheck the “Unknown Sources” for more security in the future.

Take advantage of the latest features of the Google Camera

at first glance, the camera app seems not so much have changed than that. But unlike the Google Camera available on the Store, it has many more features of setting than before.

If you want to enjoy it on your Nexus 6 p and Nexus 5 X, which already have excellent sensors, no problem so! On this application, a new menu appeared:


This allows you to access a photo grid, allowing to easily find the rule of thirds on your photography by cutting your screen capture: the third lowest must be your horizon, or ground. Your topic must take the middle space, while the high space is your sky. The eye is naturally attracted first by the intersections of these: so use it wisely for your shots.


deuxieme added important for the camera: the ability to adjust the focus and exposure independently. Many are the photophones offering it already, but Google was still behind on this point.

To do this, simply press the capture zone on which you want to do your update. As usual in short. However, you will see a new scale on the right side of your image.

This scale allows you to determine the exposure of it. It will be high, more your photography light while on the other hand, it will be low, and more your photography will be dark. You well gauge your settings to get the best picture possible!

However, keep in mind that the mere presence of the camera app will not allow you to have the features specific to the sensor, as my high-powered 4K video capture.

The application only gives the additional settings of the sensor. So you’ll not phone with scores of 89 on DxOMark just by installing it.

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