How to find out what Google knows about you

in recent years, Google created a reputation double-edged: on the one hand it is a giant web to quality technical services, on the other hand it suffers criticism on operation of private commercial data. In order to see more clearly, he created the ‘My business’ service which allows for a quick overview on what Google knows about us. 

the technological miracle behind is the demon of private data

the least we can say, is that the reputation of Google leaves to be desired if the subject of personal data. It is obvious that a company of its size seeks to make a profit, and where the products are (mostly) free, the financing should find its source elsewhere. 

Google’s strategy is similar to using the information accumulated on the user in order to target advertisements, as besides Facebook and many others still do. In other words, more Google knows about you, the more you will see things that will be able to interest you. If most users understand very well that Google, as a company, must earn money, they see a bad eye that he is interested in all their doings and accumulates the private information to their topic.

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here is the ‘My business’ tool. © ANDROIDPIT

the ‘My business’ tool is created for the sake of transparency

you have probably heard the slogan “there not bad publicity”. Is that the face submerged the tip of the iceberg because, like it or not, the users do not see what is hidden under the waters of the American giant. In order to offer targeted ads, he is interested to our habits and many of the settings to see what might interest us.

Whatever it is, Google seems to be tired of hearing that he steal private data and exploit them for my own profit. He wants to improve its image by giving the user the ability to see everything he knows and customize everything. By logging into the my activity page using your Google credentials, you will be able to see a history of the information Google has collected about you. You will find among other things what you typed in the search engine and YouTube.

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it’s free, it’s convenient, but it’s optimized for ads. © ANDROIDPIT

this tool does not merely show the history of what you can do with Google on the web, you will also find a list of applications that are used if your account is associated with your smartphone. In my case, I was able to find at what date and time I used WhatsApp, Instagram etc. I assume that the smartphones Pixels and Nexus show up probably more results here. Whatever it is, we soon learn more because Google seems to want to optimize this tool. 

He relies on this system to optimize its targeted ads giving you the ability to manage yourself: you can remove items that appear in the list. You can disable the service to collect information about your web activities and applications , but this does not mean that Google will more record anything on your account (as you can see on ‘My business’). If you want to dig deeper topic, I invite you to visit the Google support page .

Did you find that this tool is the powder in the eyes? Google really trying to come up with more transparency or wants it simply to silence the rumors about him?

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