How to download a YouTube video or MP3 on your smartphone

you go on vacation in the mountains, or any other place away from any internet connection, and would like to take your favorite videos with you? You want to take your favorite video podcast and convert it into audio to listen to bike? Thanks to our tutorial, you can do all this in no time, directly on your phone!


for many, particularly the young, YouTube remains the primary source of entertainment on the internet. And this habit continues on mobile where we use the application as well for watching videos on the go that listen to my music.

But all this is not perfect: a, use the service of the kind necessarily impose high data consumption, since even listening to music is launching a video. Two, it is impossible (officially the least) the application in the background without a subscription to Red, and turn off the display of its smartphone cut any broadcast.

And of course, all this is not very practical when you want to take away my music or my podcast favorite in a place where the 4G does not pass and the WiFi is not available. Fortunately, thanks to our tutorial, you can easily say goodbye to all these problems by uploading your YouTube videos on your phone memory.


  • allow installation of unknown sources

in order to do this, you need to download an application that is not available on the Play Store , as being not necessarily legal according to the downloads you make. We however do you trust to respect the rightsholders and download free content of law s.

the application in no case to be root in order to be used, thankfully so!

1 – installer Peggo

to be able to download your YouTube videos and convert them directly into video and audio, you’ll need an application called “Peggo. It is not available on the Store, so you will need to download it here:

download Peggo

during the download process, you will have to permit installation of applications from “external sources” to the Store. For this:

  • go to parameters phone

  • go to security

  • down to the category ‘Management of the device’

  • turn on / check “Unknown Sources”

once the application is downloaded, install it normally. Once it is installed, we recommend that you disable installing applications from unknown sources, by following the same steps, for more security on your phone.

2 – How to download YouTube video or audio


you now have access to the Peggo application in your application list. It is more simply the world: you can copy and paste the url of a specific video in the bar, or directly search for a video.

When you find the video you are interested in, two buttons are available to you: “Record Audio” or “Video Record”. MP3 will allow you, of course, to create an audio file while MP4 will allow you to download the full video.

Save to MP3


to to convert the video you are looking for in audio file , choose “Record Audio”. Two choices available to you for this record: “Remove Silence” and “Normalize”. By default, both are checked.

“Remove silence” is a feature that will allow the application to automatically remove all silence in the audio track. If you download a podcast, for example, this feature will automatically delete any time where the interlocutors do not speak.

‘Normalize’ allows you to ‘normalise’ the sound, understand the feature to ensure that the peaks of sound are all at the same volume. If something screams and whispers something in your track, the two sounds will be given at the same level.

You can rename the track until the application to do its records, giving him a title and an artist. It’s settings that will appear in your music player for example. Once it’s done, click on ‘Record MP3’: the MP3 will be saved on your phone, ready to be used!

Record video (MP4)


by recording video, you only have a simple choice to make: what quality do you want to save the video. Of course, plus the video will be of good quality, more it will take space on your phone. So choose well!

Once you have filled out the title and artist of the video, simply click on “Record MP4” so that the download starts! It will be saved directly on the memory of your phone, available at any time.

3 – save a video from the YouTube app


Peggo by launching it directly is not only useful, but can also be used directly from YouTube. You are watching a video, and you say you want to download to watch it later?

Here again, no problem. To download from the YouTube app, simply just to use the “Share” feature, and choose the Peggo application. You will find in the exact same interface as above, and so can directly upload your video.

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