How to back up your Android settings automatically

as much, you’re the type to change phones every year see every 6 months? Restore your configurations on a new device can glass be frustrating, particularly the Android system settings. Don’t worry: thanks to this tutorial, you can find your configurations as you left them on your new phone.


the game of the Smartphone market is made so that each year, a new model comes out, more powerful, with more autonomy, a better photo sensor and sometimes even more beautiful than the last. To give fears to your portfolio, since it gives often want to change.

But change your phone can quickly become exhausting, while the data do not necessarily easily transfer from one phone to another. For users who want to switch from an iPhone to an Android , the process is very simple now.

For the remaining users under Android, rest assured: she is simple too, at least when it comes to transfer your settings from one phone to another. Everything is automatic! But for that to happen, you need of course activate. So follow our tutorial!


  • a Google account set up on your phone

it may seem silly, but it’s the only prerequisites that you absolutely need. Regulars may laugh, but there are many people not being aware of the importance of this account: I therefore address them.

Your Google account, made from an address ending mail by “”, is that used you to connect to Play Store to download applications. But it is also more than that: it is one that will allow you to backup your contacts, your Favorites or even Wi – Fi passwords and transfer them from one phone to another.

So be sure to well know your couple gmail address / password, since this is not possible without him.

Enable backup to Google’s servers

since you have a Google account , you have the option to save your data directly to Google’s servers. To simplify, you “save directly on the internet” your settings. This is commonly known as the “Cloud”, which implies that you back up your data, not on physical media (SD card, hard drive) but on the internet for access anywhere.

To enjoy it, you simply activate it! For this:

  • go to the application “ parameters

  • click on the option “ accounts

  • click on your account “ Google

you get to a list of services that you can automatically synchronize with the servers Google, including your contacts, your Chrome bookmarks and even your application data as your backups for example. “” “” ”

Check what interests you, and the synchronization will be. Congratulations, you just saved in the Cloud! Do not forget that the contacts, to that these are directly stored on your Google account and not the memory of the phone or your SIM card.

Activate the automatic restoration of your data

of course, you won’t bother to go into the menu every week to make backups. Better that the system takes care of himself until it was too late. For this:

  • go to the application “ parameters

  • click on ‘ backup & reset

  • click on ‘ backup of my data

  • select then press previous

  • check “ failback

and this is! “” “” “” ” Your settings are now automatically saved when you switch phones, but also restored when you switch your phone to zero or you reinstall an application you already used for example.

What to change now simply Super phone: simply connect your Google account. Don’t forget to secure so that no one but you can access it.

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