How to activate Google Wizard on any smartphone

with the release of the Pixel and Pixel XL, Google Google has unveiled their application ready to revolutionise the way we use our smartphone: Google Assistant, my voice assistant coupled with AI that allows to run things well in the voice alone. Exclusive to these phones, we show you how to enjoy it on any smartphone.


Google started a massive transformation over the past few weeks. While he would just put its services forward previously, even if it means making the mobile operating system used most of the free world, he now tries to impose devices with exclusive features.

And these devices are of course Google Pixel and Pixel XL , which in many ways are now “the iPhone of Google” in this sense where they are presented and sold with many exclusives and a premium price.

Their best argument is none other than Google Wizard, the voice to control many things on my phone in the voice and have a companion virtual assistant with which converse naturally. But why not have it on your phone too? To do this, follow our tutorial!

Discover Assistant thanks to Hello

Google Allo

first of all, note that this wizard does for the moment in English. He will learn the French language shortly however, on the good will of the developer who put before everything on the American market at the moment.

Although the full wizard is available only on the pixels, you can also find him at work in the application of chat Google Hello . The following operations are somewhat technical, think enjoy Hello to find out if you do not want to change your phone in depth.

In this version, you can always enjoy the AI of the search engine, and even integrate it into a conversation you have with your friends. These first steps with Wizard will allow you to discover the usefulness.


you may discover Assistant on Hello, and would now like to enjoy it on all of your phone? No problem, but a few prerequisites are to have in the first place. Note so that you might have to:

  • an Android 7.0 Nougat under phone minimum

  • bootloader unlocked

  • rights root ( see how rooter my phone )

  • the latest version of the Google app ( or more)

unlock Google Wizard on my smartphone

this manipulation is not without risks. Remember to make a backup. Neither Phonandroid, nor the author of this article cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to your device during this operation.

The principle in order to unlock Google Wizard is actually very simple: we do believe the phone that it is a Google Pixel, which will report to the developer you can use wizard. For this, we will modify the build.prop file.

Manual method

the file is located in the folder “system” of your phone, and gives your phone its information on the device. Make a copy before any manipulation, in the case where. Open it with a text editor, and Add (or change) the following lines so that they contain this:

ro.product.model = Pixel XL
ro.opa.eligible_device = true

the first will thus think of your phone it is a Google Pixel XL, while the second will activate the eligibility for Google Assistant. Save your changes, clear your cache and restart.

Simple method

the XDA developers have of course not left us without help: user FaserF has created the .zip flashables directly on your phone to perform this manipulation.

Remember once again to make a backup of your system to be able to recover your phone in case of problems.

Put the 3 files downloaded to the same folder on your phone. Reboot into recovery mode and Flash “” then “”. Once it’s done, reboot.

If Google Wizard does not immediately appear, remember to clear the cache of your Google app.

Enjoy Google Assistant


it’s over: your phone and Google think that you’re on a Google Pixel XL, and therefore allow you to use the voice assistant. If you want to go back, simply restore your file build.prop in its original condition with your copy.

To make the most of Google Wizard, remember to give all the permissions requires the Google app in your phone settings. Then just stay to press the “home button” on your phone to see the wizard!

And to enjoy even more of the new experience of the developer, install the APK from the Pixel Launcher in order to truly believe you on one of its last Pixel!

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