Here are the most overestimated applications on Android

the most successful applications to simplify our lives. They offer a service that fulfils its promise. Neither more nor less. In theory, it is something simple and useful, as the best way to check the weather or the best agenda. So when an application fails and is somehow the opposite of what she should do, she makes life more difficult. Here is according to me the most overestimated five applications on Android.

as you can see, the Opinion label is displayed on this article. It means that what you read only concern their author. The reasons stated below and the choice of apps are personal and may of course differ from one person to another, it is even possible that none of them fit to you, and if that’s the case feel free to show this in the comments.


I’ve heard a lot of SwiftKey. Many people have also recommended this app to me. I finally succumbed to the pressure from my friends and I tried the application. Initially, it was a real pleasure. I was merrily sweeping my screen to write. 

SwiftKey is never really suited to my typing

but eventually I quickly realized that SwiftKey is never really adapted to my typing. Its aggressive self-correcting system eventually drive me crazy as I had to constantly go back and rewrite a Word. Worse, the app had some slowness and so I decided to go back to the Google keyboard. It’s light, it ain’t trolling and the app does not disappoint me.

AndroidPIT most overrated apps 4
SwiftKey promises to save you time, but this isn’t the case. © ANDROIDPIT

Clean Master

Clean Master is the King of the extravagant promises: improve performance of 80%, put applications in hibernation to save battery, booster RAM… It is a typical example of the app that disappoints. Because, honestly, if you want to save your battery, preserve your memory and keep a decent storage space, the solution is simple: don’t download hundreds of applications and files to your phone!

Android naturally handles the management of RAM and there is no need to download an app for that. The most useful features of Clean Master (Task Manager, manage memory, empty the cache) exist already natively in the setting menu. 

AndroidPIT most overrated apps 2
clean Master offers nothing more than already offers Android natively. © ANDROIDPIT


Ok, this is perhaps an easy target but the Facebook app does nothing very well for users, or at least not much of more than that can offer the web version of Facebook. Facebook Mobile offers a more lightweight design and if you use Chrome, the latter will offer push directly to Facebook notifications, even when you are not using the browser.

AndroidPIT Facebook app uninstall
click on uninstall. © ANDROIDPIT

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is the perfect app for take you a lot of your time but also your money! The application reports $ 1,000,000 each day and you quickly understand when we play that the goal of the developers is not to you fun but rather you slapped. Fortunately, the Play Store is full of other games! 

androidpit clash of clans hero photo 3
clash of Clans is not worthy of your interest! © ANDROIDPIT


there are many applications to help you take notes and organize your day, including free apps really well done. This is why I don’t understand that one could possibly need paid options of Todoist or Wunderlist. This obsession with the organization is perhaps excessive and Google Calendar can already help organize you. 

AndroidPIT most overrated apps 1
who actually needs to have 4 levels of organization? © ANDROIDPIT

are you agree with me? What do you consider to be the most overestimated applications on Android? Say it me in the comments.

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