Here are 5 French applications you should know

well we are forced to recognize that the France is not the first country to which we think in terms of smartphones. Manufacturers are Asian, Android is essentially American, the hexagon is not really present on the field of the hardware. On the other hand, level applications, you can reassure you because the french are not trolling. Some are very popular, others are less, and it is precisely on these past that focuses our article. Find below a selection of applications made in France.

a majority of French applications applies to francophones. Some applications are of course famous, I think for example of those dedicated to the news or social networks, but others remain discrete while they are still very interesting. 


Kartable is a kind of academic encyclopedia where you can find programs of the 6th to the senior class. You will find all of the materials: Math, history, geography, English, physics and chemistry, etc. There is even a program of philosophy for the senior class.

You might think that this is an application for middle school and high school students, and in absolute terms it is true because it enables them to study and learn. However, it is a gold mine for those who want to improve their knowledge and (re) learn things forgotten.

this application is ideal to improve my knowledge. © ANDROIDPIT
  • Version of the app: depends on the versions

  • size of the app: depends on the versions

  • app compatibility: depends on the versions

  • economic model: free with in-app

  • purchases

Kartable: courses, Exos, tray Install on Google Play



this app contains tips and tricks that you can use on a daily basis. No, it’s not just cosmetic but also DIY, gardening and much more still. Discover how to maintain your saw wood or even supprmier of mites, while learning how to lower your baby fever.

Perhaps the grandmother that inspired the creators of this application was of the family of McGyver because she seems to know everything. In any case, thank you to share my knowledge with us.

this Granny can do everything and shares its knowledge with us. © ANDROIDPIT
  • Version of the app: 1.0.6

  • size of the app: 1.7 MB

  • app compatibility: Android 1.6 or more

  • economic model: free with purchases in the app

stuff Grandma Install on Google Play


Wever is an application of carpool a little bit special. Unlike many of its competitors, Wever is to be used for short trips and serves as alternative to public transport. Mainly used by students, it allows to combine business with pleasure in limiting the costs of transport and encouraging meetings.

This application has a lot of potential, and if it is currently optimized for the Alpes-Maritimes Department, it should be expanded across the hexagonal in the future. So remember to look when it will be available in your city.

Wever is an alternative to public transport. © Play Store
  • Version of the app: 1.0.5

  • size of the app: 25 MB

  • app compatibility: Android 4.0 or more

  • business model: free

Wever daily carpool Install on Google Play


If you have a car and, even better, you travel a lot then ConsoBox is for you. This application allows to keep an eye on the most important aspects of your vehicle. Among other things, the application takes care of your revisions and informs you about the environmental impact of your car, but it also informs you of garages, gas stations and nearby car wash.

If you want to keep an eye on the use of your car, this application can be useful.

everything about your car remains under control with this app. © ANDROIDPIT
  • Version of the app: 1.20

  • the app size: 1.2 MB

  • app compatibility: Android 1.6 or more

  • business model: free

ConsoBox – manage my car Install on Google Play


AlloVoisins is a very original application. It is a service that allows neighbors to help each other, get services and to buy/sell equipment. For example, if you have a problem you can ask for help with the application. 

We find the “Classifieds” aspect of Google to sell items on the thumb, but the concept of the mutual aid, of mutual services, is the strength of the application.

  • version of the app: 3.2.1

  • the app size: 6.5 MB

  • app compatibility: Android 4.0.3 or more

  • business model: free

AlloVoisins – rental service Install on Google Play

do you know other applications made in France that deserve to be mentioned?

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