GPS watches and trackers of activity for Christmas, my recommendations

the wearables world is changing very rapidly. Everything becomes smaller and smarter. New features appear on models out for Christmas 2015, whether for GPS watches (as the new Forerunner 630 ) or for the trackers of activity (with more and more models with optical cardio like Polar A360 , Garmin Vívosmart HR or Microsoft Band 2 ).

but at the same time, these new products for 2016 generate lower prices on older, what allows to acquire a GPS watch or an activity tracker not too old at good price (like the Forerunner 225 has only 5 months and the price has already dropped €50).

Christmas is approaching and I don’t think that brands will announce new features now. So, it’s time to give you my recommendations for choose the right cardio GPS watch or the good for Christmas activity tracker. Not necessarily the best, just one that meets your needs. That’s why I introduce several, according to sports, what can be done with, or the budget.

some have been the subject of a test more detailed on the blog, do not hesitate to follow the links you refer and get more info.


best GPS running Watch: Garmin Forerunner 630 Forerunner 630

there is not picture at Christmas time 2015, the GPS that offers the most features for the race on foot watch, this is the Forerunner of 630. She takes everything that made the success of the 620 Forerunner, adds new statistics and almost doubled autonomy (16 h). And icing on the cake, the price is not excessive, because it is less expensive than the Forerunner 620 at the time of its release.

price: € 397

> read the presentation of the Forerunner 630

> order on Amazon

for beginners: Polar M400 Polar M400

is the most intuitive watch. A perfectly readable screen, easy navigation in the menus, the multisport features, the possibilities of customization and even train in the split. All at the price of an entry-level watch and who has dropped in the run-up to Christmas. Polar has struck a blow with the M400.

price: € 131

> read the test of the M400

> order on Amazon

with cardio optical sensor: Garmin Forerunner 225 Forerunner 225

you are looking to get rid of your heart rate belt, don’t take any risk and choose the Forerunner 225. It is a model of transition in which Garmin joined the optical sensor of the Mio Alpha, a sensor that has already proven its reliability. And just 5 months after its launch, Garmin has announced the release of the Garmin Forerunner 235 (with a new sensor which we knows not accuracy), which has led a decline of € 50 of its price.

price: € 249

> order on Amazon

for the trail: Suunto Ambit3 Run Ambit3 Run

with its features of route tracking, recovery, independence (15: 00 basic and up to 100 h) and its good accuracy of GPS, the Ambit3 Run has everything to seduce the trailers. The most serious who want to follow a training program will be filled by the training calendar and the test and recovery index.

price: € 211

> read the Ambit3 Run test

> order on Amazon

do not forget: Garmin Forerunner 620 Forerunner 620

at the top level of the watches GPS running at the time of its release, the price of the Forerunner 620 has declined slowly over the summer. He made a new relapse at the time of the announcement of the Forerunner 630. With the decline of 50% of its price, it’s really an option to consider for stats freaks who don’t want to improve their performance (by measuring the VO2max, recovery, advanced race dynamics) without bleeding for a Christmas gift.

price: € 249

> read the Forerunner 620 test

> order on Amazon


best watch cardio GPS for the triathlon: Polar V800 or Garmin Forerunner 920XT Polar V800 Forerunner 920XT

it’s a tie between 2 watches. Upon their release, the Forerunner 920XT had more features, but the V800 allowed to record heart rate in water. But since then, the 2 models have been improved. The V800 was upgraded in features, including a mode open water swimming, while the new cardio Garmin HRM – SORTING and HRM-SWIM belts operate under water.

today ‘ today, they are equivalent. In the context of a purchase for Christmas, I tend to choose the one that I find prettier and more boilerplate: the black V800. Medium term, I think that the replacement of the Forerunner 920XT, the Forerunner 930XT will sign the end of its evolution, while Polar has announced developments on the V800 for January 2016.

price: € 329

> read the V800 test

> order on Amazon

cheap Option: Forerunner 310XT Forerunner 310XT

she’s old, she’s big, Yes, but she still holds its place. While Garmin has abandoned the sale of all other watches from the 10 series, the Forerunner 310XT is still sells well. 20 h autonomy and good precision GPS are for something, its price too: it was divided by 2 since its release. A € 150, it’s the best quality/price ratio.

price: €134

> read the presentation of the Forerunner 310XT

> order on Amazon

one (with music): TomTom Spark TomTom Spark

TomTom knew exactly what public aim when designing the Spark. That’s why they chose to keep a watch cardio simple GPS to use, with less features than some competitors, but that integrates everything: cardio, GPS, activity tracker, and music. The Spark is designed for athletes who want to simplify their lives, only taking a watch to go sport, any sport.

price: €300

> read the presentation of the Spark

> order on Amazon

hiking / trekking: Suunto rail Suunto Traverse

built a GPS watch for adventure. More GPS and route tracking, Traverse gives barometric altitude, risers and sunset, a storm alarm times. It also marked a turning point at the level of design at Suunto, since unsightly hump at the base of the bracelet disappeared in favor of a GPS antenna built into the bezel of the screen. In short, Traverse will become your best friend to go walk safe the forest or mountain.

price: € 384

> read the presentation of the rail

> order on Amazon

to forget your smartphone: Garmin Vívoactive garmin vivoactive

this small GPS watch that resembles an Apple Watch groups specific to the sport, activity and smartwatch tracker features. It is versatile, multi-sport and can be reinforced by external sensors: belt cardio, footpod for running, speed/cadence bike sensor and is waterproof for swimming. If you are looking for a smarwatch for the sport, it’s a better option than the Apple Watch.

price: € 181

> read the Vívoactive test

> order on Amazon

the one that does it all: Garmin Fenix 3 Fenix 3

the Fenix 3 is intended to replace everything you used to wear on your wrist: sport watch, activity tracker smartwatch and watch every day. A large color touchscreen, all with a universally recognized design screen. It will suit for running, cycling, swimming and more. Even if it is running it will offer the most features (with the HRM – RUN belt). The update of June has well improved my prdecision GPS and concerns of youth are ancient history.

price: € 417

> read the presentation of the Fenix 3

> order on Amazon

for navigation: Garmin Epix Epix

color touchscreen of 1.4 inches will take you anywhere in Europe thanks to its mapping and navigation capabilities, even there where your smartphone doesn’t pick up network. It embeds the classic functions watch outdoor (altimeter, barometer, compass, thermometer) and color maps that allow to see the paths and follow a route. For now, it’s the only GPS watch to offer this map feature.

price: € 447

> read the Epix test

> order on Amazon

trackers of activity

best fitness tracker: Fitbit Charge HR Fitbit Charge hr

the Fitbit load HR is an activity tracker that measures lots of data in real-time (including heart rate continuously). my success comes from the combination sensor cardio making measures continuously and a screen to track data. This is the first activity tracker to integrate a sensor cardio, what makes that the price has dropped since its release.

price: €119

> order on Amazon

the more sensors: Microsoft Band 2 Microsoft Band 2

the second generation of fitness tracker of Micorsoft incorporates no less than 11 sensors (a reocrd)! The preceding Microsoft Band 2 screen is curved to win in comfort around the wrist. Activities program contains more than 130 different sessions during which he can you coach. If you have an Android or Windows, Cortana phone allows you to use voice commands.

> read the presentation of the Microsoft Band 2

> not yet marketed in France

best virtual coach: Moov Now Moov Now

oriented sport, the Moov Now inaugurates the new generation of trackers of activities: those that integrate a live coaching. It adds intelligence to the activity tracking with its training programs who will accompany you, race on foot, by bicycle, swimming and also to the gym where it will count the number of repetitions. Perfect for those who lack motivation or need advice to progress.

price: €59

> read the presentation of the Moov Now

> order on Amazon

best for notifications: Polar A360 Polar A360

until now, Polar was known for its heart rate belts, he enters the optical sensors world with the A360 activity tracker. It combines the features of a tracker activity and a smartwatch with a large color display. And its perfectly successful design should convince you not to leave.

price: 199

> read the presentation of the A360

> order on Amazon

the more class: Wellograph Wellograph

I like the clean and neat of the Wellograph design. If you want to track your activity level but not ready to sacrifice your look by wearing a flashy bracelet on your wrist, then it is made for you. Note: the glass is made of Sapphire, the material which today is the most resistant to scratches and found only on a few models of motres outdoor (like the Fenix 3 sapphire).

price: € 209

> order on Amazon

with needles: Withings activity or Pop Withings Activité & Activité Pop

that’s 2 activity trackers who go unnoticed under their air of watch hands. They measure the number of steps, the distance and follow the sleep. Activity contains the codes of Swiss watches with a metal case and a leather strap, while the Pop activity is the plastic version.

price: € 389 and € 149

> order Withings activity on Amazon

> order a Withings activity Pop on Amazon

simple: Jawbone UP24 Jawbone UP24

Jawbone perfectly identified the expectations of consumers. The UP24 does not screen, or features like GPS or cardio. But the Jawbone UP24 is a reliable, friendly, with a flexible bracelet and unattached tracker whose design is nice. In addition, the interface of the app UP is the most complete and ergonomic.

price: €65

> order on Amazon

cheapest: Xiaomi Mi Band xiaomi mi band

available outside China (where it is sold to more than a million copies), the mid Band is a fitness tracker at a special price. Light and with a battery life of 30 days, it’s the perfect choice for a first purchase and its price will excuse its questionable accuracy.

price: €16

> read the mid Band test

> order on Amazon


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