Garmin Vívofit Jr: the bracelet of activity for children

despite the very wide range of bracelets trackers of activity there now, me I long posed the question: “why they do not for children? Garmin has released this summer a GPS collar for dogs (I haven’t not told on the blog because we’re drifting a little sports gadget). But then why not for children?

hey well imagine that today ‘ today, Garmin has announced a junior version of my Vívofit bracelet. A Vívofit Jr for children.

presentation of the Garmin Vívofit Jr presentation-garmin-vivofit-jr

Le Vívofit Jr is a variation of the Vívofit 3, the simplest of the braceelts trackers of activity from Garmin, which has been adapted to the size of the wrists of children. Garmin announces that it is made for children from 4 to 10 years. There are 2 sizes of bracelet: 145mm and 170mm. There is no clasp system, the bracelet is in one piece and slips around the hand, which is easier to update for children. He keeps a small screen and a central physical button.

it’s the activity 24/24 monitoring. It counts the number of steps, measures distance, calculates calories burned, and active minutes and follows up on sleep. So, it’s already pretty full. Otherwise, its screen shows the time, date and displays a bar of inactivity that gradually fills up when the child does not move. The display can be customized to display the first name of the child.

it is adapted to all the activities of a child, as it is waterproof to 50 m and so resist the splashing and diving in the water. Autonomy is excellent, since the battery will last 1 year and it can be easily replaced.

the novelty is that it is connected to a parental application. It allows for example parents set a countdown. The count appears on the screen of the Vívofit Jr, which can be a great way to limit the time television or console. It also allows to manage one-off or weekly tasks like ‘brush’, ‘set the table’ or ‘make her bed’. Finally, the application offers challenges for all the family (the app is compatible with the 3 Vívofit). Who will do the most not in the day? From the point of view of the child, the progress towards the goal is fun with adventures punctuated clues to motivate him and points that allow to move forward in the application.

the bracelet is available in several colours, which I find very successful and which, in my opinion, can appeal to children (black, camo, red lava, flowers).

price and release date

Le Vívofit Jr is available today at the price of €100.

on Vívofit 3, out for several months, is also sold €100.


I find this Vívofit super Jr. Really! Currently, there is not a lot of trackers of activity for children. But I think it’s something they can pass quickly. Because kids love play and challenges.

with active minutes, the idea is to encourage the child to play (moving) 60 minutes per day. Maybe a good way to fight against childhood obesity (I remind you that at the base, Garmin is an American brand, so very faced this problem).

as I did not like the design of the Vívofit 3 bracelets, as I find that children may love those vívofit Jr.


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