Galaxy S8: why are the issues around its release Monster

the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be presented only next year and at the present time, no one can say when. If the previous years, the Korean took advantage of the MWC to announce the previous models, this year, the context is no longer the same after the fiasco of the Galaxy Note 7. Consumers have more confidence, and the situation is more dangerous than ever for Samsung.

galaxy s8 enjeux

a uncertain release date

the month last, Samsung belied rumors that its Galaxy S8 would come out ahead to catch up with lost sales of Note 7 and reboost its profits in the first quarter of 2017. It was thought that the new Korean monster would be naturally presented at MWC which will open the last week of February.

Samsung has often taken advantage of the traditional living room that remains the biggest mobile event of the year to announce new models of the S range, it seemed so logical. However, according to the Wall Street Journal, the presentation of the S8 Galaxy could well meet postponed in April. Business Korea seems also of the same opinion and gives even a few explanations. This report is in fact linked to the recent fiasco of the Galaxy Note 7 which has changed the situation. Before launching a new model on the market, Samsung will first have to repair the damage.

Galaxy S8: Samsung would take falling behind in its development due to the Galaxy notes 7

Samsung must “put out the fire” of the Galaxy notes 7

two months after the first reminder of the phablette which has since been permanently removed from sale, Samsung still does not know why my Note 7 Galaxy exploded . If the battery was first fingered, the incidents with the alternative models at the end of the first reminder have demonstrated that he was not the only factor. Since Samsung has reoriented its investigation, taking the side to explore all possible ways but all this takes time and the investigation stalled.

Following the withdrawal of Note 7, Samsung promised an explanation “in the coming weeks” . Several weeks have passed since, and despite my many statements, Samsung is still not able to determine the real cause of the explosions. Now, it is rumored that the Korean will not be able to provide an explanation before next year.

However, following its recent woes, Samsung is now in a strategy of reconquest. Before launching a new product on the market, he must regain the confidence of the public that sucks now that such an incident happening again in the future. To do this, Samsung will first duty provide an explanation and show consumers that it controls the problem and will be able to eradicate it completely on the S8.

He can obtain the forgiveness of my faithful and regain the confidence of the consumer. THE sine qua non before you can put full view to the whole world with its next flagship.

Galaxy Note 7: 70% of users remain loyal to Samsung despite the fiasco

the Galaxy S8, a gamble!

The latest rumors suggest that Samsung would have decided to enlarge sizes the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus screen to attract users of Note 7 and lovers of the Note range in general. Instead of two smartphones of 5.1 and 5.5 inches, the South Korean manufacturer we would propose two monsters of 5.7 and 6.2 inches which would nevertheless retain reasonable dimensions through the use of a borderless screen.

This simple element confirms alone that the context is no longer the same as in previous years. This year, Samsung has not only as a constraint to the previous model a successor worthy of the name bringing enough new features to tempt customers to buy. The S8 Galaxy will not be only the successor of the S7, it will also succeed in Note 7 withdrawn from sale less than two months after its release.

In addition to the regular customers of the range Note, Samsung will also attempt to rally the Note range fans making a stone two strokes as if it succeeds, not only, it will sell more smartphones that usually but increasingly it will manage to forget the painful episode of Note 7.

Last week, the CEO of Samsung Electronics said that the recent disaster industrial at which the company had to do was an “opportunity to reflect” and draw lessons. Samsung who in earlier this week published a full-page apology in three major American newspapers going all the way with its S8. In 2017, everything will rest on the shoulders of the S8.

Samsung has, moreover, already announced a second program exchange for 2017 that will allow the users of the Galaxy Note 7 to get a Galaxy S8 at special price after exchanging their smartphone a first time in the fall.

Galaxy S8: release date, price and data sheet

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