Galaxy S8: release date, price and data sheet

the Galaxy S8 will be presented only at the beginning of next year but it’s already a lot about him. While the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge had allowed Samsung to increase its profits in the first half of the year, the Galaxy Note 7 battery problems will cost him and will not fail to tarnish my image. Expectations are so high with this new model. Here’s what we know about.

Note that this is for the moment than rumors which will be confirmed or not. This file will be updated on a regular basis.

A Galaxy S8 curved 4K and borderless

galaxy s7 ecran edge

in the same way that he did with my Galaxy Note 7 , Samsung could decline the S8 Galaxy only in curved version. In August last, the Galaxy S7 Edge was as the smartphone is the most sold in the world in 2016, proof that Samsung has managed to impose this new form factor that starts to invite themselves in competition. Korean offer despite everything always two versions of its smartphone lighthouse, one of 5.1 inches and the other of 5.5 inches that would take the name of Galaxy S8 Plus , the term “Edge” being more necessary to differentiate between the two.

Note that this screen would be curved, not only on the side borders but on all four edges. S8 Galaxy looks so goodbye to the traditional Home button physical which would be replaced by a new fingerprint reader optical integrated directly on the screen. The smartphone would be borderless as the Xiaomi Mi Mix. For my part, vice president of Samsung has itself confirmed that the new model would propose a design more “smooth”.

Galaxy S8: Samsung confirms the new design and promises a great camera phone

a screen 4 K Bio Blue for virtual reality

everything now suggests that the Galaxy S8 will be the first smartphone Samsung with a 4K display. The prospect of a definition of 3840 x 2160 pixels on a 5.5 inch screen may seem crazy, however, Korean is clearly committed to improving the experience of virtual reality on its smartphones. Only the version ‘more’ 5.5 inch would propose a 4K screen that would provide a completely crazy 801 while ppp resolution that the 5.1-inch model would retain a quad HD screen.

Note that this screen would be based on Bio Blue technology that allows to display only 6% of blue light against 32% for conventional AMOLED slabs. A technology designed to protect the eyes of the user which are very close to the smartphone when it is placed in a headset VR.

A processor Exynos 8895 overkill

each new generation of smartphone comes with its cluster of power and the Galaxy S8 should not make an exception to the rule since it would be with a processor Exynos 8895 . Recently tested on benchmark tool, it gets scores of 7019 and 2301 points on tests multi core and single core of Geekbench with a frequency of 3 Ghz clock but it seems he may get up to 4 Ghz , so it is likely to offer even more impressive results at full power.

Note that this new processor would display a fineness of engraving of 10 nanometres which should allow it to reach the top in terms of power and autonomy. It would be coupled with the latest GPU Mali-G71 MRS optimized for 4K and virtual reality which offers 1.8 times power than the graphics chip GPU Mali-T880 MP12 of Galaxy S7 and supports the Vulkan API and the OpenGL ES 3.2 standards, GPU Compute and Android RenderScript.

An idea of its raw power? It’s simple: appeared on AnTuTu, it explodes all records with a score of 203 737 well beyond the current champions. Just like this year, the Exynos 8895 should be proposed alternating with the next Qualcomm processor, Snapdragon famous, 830, according to the markets. Finally, note that on the model 4K, the amount of RAM should climb up to 8 GB.

galaxy s8 specifications

A double sensor picture to stay on board

this year, the Korean manufacturer has preferred to focus on quality with a photo sensor Dual Pixel of 12 megapixels offering large photosites instead of following the trend of the double photo sensors, next year, it should balance the two. The Galaxy S8 would be expected with a dual camera 12 + 13 megapixels. The 12 MP sensor would be designed by Samsung and the sensor 13 MP by Sony, two big names in photography on mobile.

With a dual sensor, it will be possible to adjust the depth of field, to achieve beautiful bokeh and capture great photos of night. In addition, after having proposed an opening of f/1.9 on the S6 and f/1.7 on the S7, Samsung could improve this part and the combined to a double photo sensor could give dramatic results.

A mid-September filed patent suggests today that this double sensor will offer improved zoom capabilities, like the iPhone 7 Plus .

galaxy s8 brevet

Write down everything and there is a good chance that Samsung follow the same strategy as Apple with its iPhone 7 and 7 more by booking the double photo sensor to the version. Those wishing to desperate to flee the screen 4K by opting for the basic version of 5.1 inches in would be so deprived.

On the front, we should find a 8-megapixel front camera not to mention the iris scanner that Samsung has obviously decided to impose on all its future high-end devices. In addition, scan iris of the S8 Galaxy would be designed by the same provider as that of Note 7, a way to compensate for the losses of the latter following the fiasco of the last phablette of the Korean.

Autonomy to the top

with a 4K screen, Samsung has rather interest offering worthy of the name, autonomy at risk face of criticism on the part of its customers. However, the first rumors suggest that the optimizations will be many. Engraved in 10 nanometers, the processor Exynos 8895 waited inside the S8 should propose a controlled energy which should not exceed 5 Watts. In addition, a recent leak suggests that team one 4200 mAh battery , well above the current average. Samsung would have requested assistance from LG for the integration of batteries in order to avoid a new fiasco like the one he experienced with the Galaxy Note 7.

Artificial intelligence

the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus should say goodbye to S Voice, which would be replaced by a new voice assistant based on artificial intelligence and designed by society Vib Labs that Samsung just recently acquired. Note that these are the founders of Viv Labs which are at the origin of Siri, the voice assistant of the iPhone.

Note that the development of the ROM of the S8 Galaxy has already begun. Not surprising knowing that it will be announced in a little more than four months. The new software will do everything naturally featured the last tidbit of Google, Android Nougat.

Price and release date

if Samsung follows its usual schedule, expect to see her Galaxy S8 on the eve of the MWC 2017 is February 26 next. In early September, some analysts agree however on the fact that he might make my arrival earlier planned to forget the massive recall of the Galaxy notes 7 related to its battery problems. Samsung has since denied this rumor.

It has yet to prove. Moreover, even in the event of early release, we cannot imagine Samsung without the benefits of the annual show. However, the Korean could actually move my marketing so as to limit the impact of the recall of the Note 7 of its quarterly sales.

For what is the price, a recent flight reported a rate of 850 $. It is of course too early to pronounce but with all the expected improvements, it is not impossible that Samsung review the price of its flagship store on the rise, however, the the Galaxy 7 Note buyers would be entitled to a discount on the purchase price of the S8 . Note that the Galaxy S8 has likely happened to jack socket .

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