Galaxy S8: 6 characteristics that will make a real concentrate of technology

the Galaxy S8 will be arriving in the coming months and the first leaks already suggests that Samsung will set the bar very high. Not question to propose an improved version of the S7, Korean wants the nine and this new model should mark a real break with the past. New design borderless, double photo sensor… Samsung has everything!

galaxy s8 caracteristiques

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1. A totally new design

despite their differences, all Galaxy S offered so far the same base but next year, everything should change. The S8 Galaxy would offer a borderless screen covering more than 90% of the front of the phone. You can already expect a truly revolutionary design in the vein of the Xiaomi Mi Mix. The traditional Home button should disappear and give way to a fingerprint reader built directly on the screen.

Note that we would find two 5.7 and 6.2-inch models, both equipped screens curved marrying both side slots and the upper edge of the phone. As you can see, the S8 should offer the most innovative design ever offered by Samsung, along with necessary technological adjustments as did Xiaomi with my mid Mix .

2 performance at the top level

as is often the case with Samsung, there should be two configurations, depending on the markets. The future processor Snapdragon 835 of Qualcomm whose burning in 10 nanometers will be provided by the Korean will be proposed alternating with the next House of Samsung chip, 8895 also serious in 10 nm Exynos.

The faster a processor is finely engraved, greater performance and energy efficiency. The Snapdragon 835 should offer performance 27% higher than the Snapdragon 820 while consuming 40 percent less. For my part, Exynos 8895 would reach a score of 203 737 points on AnTuTu, the best ever achieved, with energy consumption limited to 5W.

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3. 6 GB of RAM and 256 GB storage

in the light of the latest leaks, Samsung lésinerait not on means. my Galaxy S8 would use 6 GB of RAM and its storage capacity would climb up to 256 GB. For the 6 GB of RAM, it seems inevitable, good number of manufacturers, for the most part Chinese, went beyond the 4 GB this year, including OnePlus and Xiaomi, and international manufacturers could not remain behind indefinitely. Still be asked is if these 6 GB is really necessary.

About the 256 GB of storage, it is truly good news. Of course, it’s probably the most expensive model but we can already hope that the minimum will be 64 GB with an intermediate model of 128 GB, unless Samsung decided keep its minimum to 32 GB as did Apple with its iPhone 7.

4. the new champion of photography

now we’re almost sure that the Galaxy S8 will be arriving with a double photo sensor consisting of two 12-13 megapixel cameras respectively designed by Samsung and Sony. In a sense, it was inevitable. How do better than the Dual Pixel of the Galaxy S7 photo with a simple camera sensor?

A ground on which some competitors such as LG, Huawei, Honor, Apple and Xiaomi already settled this year but it does not seem to scare to Samsung. A recently unveiled patent suggests, moreover, that this dual sensor will simulate an optical zoom like the Huawei Mate 9 and iPhone 7 more.

Note that for its part, the front camera has great chances to integrate an autofocus. What offer selfies uncommon regardless of the distance to the subject. An element of differentiation more.

5. a virtual assistant that is smarter than ever

soon after confirming the purchase of Viv Labs, Samsung confirmed the development of a virtual assistant based on artificial intelligence for its upcoming smartphones that should make its arrival on the S8 where he will take the place of S Voice who did my time. Given that they are the founders of Viv Labs which are at the origin of Siri, can only hope for the best.

Another interesting point, this virtual assistant will be open to developers, who will have the opportunity to add new features.

6. a screen power Touch, finally!

After Huawei and Apple, Samsung would be next to incorporate a pressure sensitive screen to its flagship smartphone. The S8 Galaxy would be a screen Force Touch offering a multitude of shortcuts. This technology allows access to some features of an application without having to open it, simply by a long press on its icon or zoom with a touch of the finger.

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