Galaxy Note7: the best Android smartphone in 2016... that you can't buy

I must admit that I have a tumultuous relationship with Samsung. With the release of the Galaxy Note7, the situation is still up a notch because for once I was completely impressed by their new smartphone… but find it me impossible to my temptation. What finally made that multiply my want to buy…

a design and an excellent grip

I have to concede. With its last phablette, Samsung had managed to commercialize a terminal to the almost perfect design. The South Korean manufacturer had managed to control the curvature of the screen but also of its case to deliver a perfect grip. The S7 edge is not bad in itself and clear progress had been made compared to the S6 edge but the Note7 had just managed to raise still more to give a perfect feel to the user.

AndroidPIT samsung galaxy note 7 review 7466a
the Galaxy Note7 in all its glory. © AndroidPIT

Yes, Galaxy Note7 failed revolution in terms of appearance and haptic because, in the end, he belonged to the family S7, but Samsung had improved many small details. The latter had both benefits, whether at the level of the features of the dual-edge display or on a more aesthetic level, all maintaining a good grip. All this in a format very compact for a smartphone which, nevertheless, offers a 5.66 inches screen.

In short, Samsung had finally succeeded.

The ultimate smartphone from Samsung

in addition to an attractive design, the Galaxy Note7 was simply the most complete high range Android smartphone of the market. The smartphone offered a flagship with its Exynos 8890 processor performance (the same as for the Galaxy S7) and its 4 GB of RAM. Of course, it was also compatible with Vulkan , ideal for big players. Add to this an IP68 certification, a USB Type-C socket, a Gorilla Glass 5 glass, a S Pen stylus and even an iris scanner. In addition to its relative speed, the great advantage of the use of the scanner of iris on a smartphone was its security. 

Fans of virtual reality had not been abandoned because the Galaxy Note7 with its screen QHD had accompanied during my brief marketing of a new Gear VR helmet.

AndroidPIT samsung galaxy note 7 review 7501
the Note7 Galaxy was the first smartphone from Samsung to inaugurate an iris scanner. © AndroidPIT

Finally, it is difficult not to mention the excellent camera phone that he was. Its main sensor 12 megapixels with Aperture f/1.7 and the Dual Pixel technology allowed to offer shots very detailed with a great contrast. And my focus was simply the best on the market.

A few flaws, but especially a very big battery problem

the Galaxy Note7 had obviously some defects. The sound was not my first quality and its price was not the most affordable. But it’s especially its battery which was my problem Sayers. The result was terrible because due Samsung announce the withdrawal of the unit sales.

Even today, several weeks after the fiasco, I still can’t to explain how the world’s number one manufacturer could not see this defect during production. my management of the crisis was also a little risky by conducting a first reminder then by launching a second marketing before change my mind finally to new cases of explosion. Result: a salty addition of more than $ 20 billion.

several weeks after the fiasco, I still can’t explain how the world’s number one manufacturer could not see this defect during production

with this smartphone, Samsung has in any case proved one thing home thought I have corrected age: we always want what we can’t have.

Did you also want to buy it?

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