Free Mobile: why the fourth operator appeals as much

Iliad announced the results of Free and Free Mobile for the third quarter of the year. Once again the fourth operator shows excellent performance. Since its arrival on the market, Free continues to convince users. The company has found the ingredients for success. So let us explain why Free Mobile appeals as much.

free mobile offre anciens abonnes

since its market entry french, Free Mobile is a real hit. If the first months were more successful, the fourth operator continued to achieve excellent performance. Free Mobile seems to have found the miracle ingredients to attract users.

In front, the competitors have had to adapt and apart from Orange who takes advantage of my status as an incumbent, the competitors have a hard time to head out of the water. Bouygues Telecom was thinking about a wedding with Orange a few months ago and SFR continues to lose customers.

But then how does Free Mobile to achieve such performance is the youngest operator in the market. An update to try to understand why Free Mobile appeals as much .

SFR: the flight of continuous customers still and always

symbol of a revolution

the first element that explains the success of Free Mobile is the image that he wears. Xavier Niel had held a press conference which became legendary. At the time, the troublemaker of the Telecom had put a big kick in the anthill, no not hesitating to denigrate Orange, SFR and Bouygues Telecom, accusing them of to eat on the backs of customers.

It is this symbol that carries Free Mobile: the operator who did open my eyes to consumers. The fourth operator has shown that for years, the incumbents had charged fabulous amounts of money to their customers for services absolutely not up to par, where each megabyte of data cost a small fortune.

Free Mobile, it is in the collective unconscious, the symbol of the revolution of the mobile telephony market, a change of business model. With Free could have an unlimited plan for under 20 euros, without a smartphone. And Free saw just since today ‘ hui 53% of users are no longer buying their smartphone at the operator . Today, consumers say ‘thank you Free Mobile’. And they’re right. Since its arrival on the market, the France is the country where mobile packages are the most affordable in the world.

Should I buy a smartphone with or without a package?

The best quality-price ratio?

By unveiling its new packages, Free has democratized the budget. And if over time the competitors have multiplied similar offers, Free was always able to integrate small stuff and more can make the difference.

Thus, Free Mobile is the only operator to offer a package less than 20 euros including 50 GB of data . Ditto for use internationally. Among competitors, it must analyze the geographic restrictions and permissions of data. With Free Mobile, no worries for international, at least for Europe since virtually all countries are included in the offer. For the data abroad, Free offers still 3 GB per year by destination.

Not only Free Mobile has upset the market, but the operator is always working to keep one step ahead in the face of its competitors with respect to the services. Another example of this perpetual search for renewal, Free Mobile launched the first rental of smartphone.

Free effect is over: stabilize the income of operators in H1 2016

the package at € 0 and private sales

if Free Mobile is so successful, it is also thanks to its package for 0 euro. Available since the launch of the operator this offer allows any subscriber Freebox to enjoy a mobile package including 2 h of calls and unlimited SMS. Enough for many users and mostly free. And to this day, Free Mobile is the only operator to offer a package to 0 euros.

vente privee free mobile

and as if that wasn’t enough, once or twice a year, the fourth operator offers a private sale on its most complete package at 3.99 euros per month for a year instead of 19.99 euros per month. This operation allows Free Mobile to seduce more users every year.

All these accumulated points allow Free Mobile to continue its March forward. And everything seems to smile at the operator that continues to move forward. After attacking on the price, Free Mobile is now tackling the investments on the network.

Private sale Freebox Crystal + TV option at €1.99 / month

Acceleration on investment

the only reproach made to Free Mobile in its early years, and still today, it is the quality of its network. As a new operator Free Mobile has a young network whose part is based on a contract of roaming with Orange. Consequences: the network is of lower quality than some competitors.

But Free Mobile has invested. A lot. Quickly. And today, Maxime Lombardini, CEO of Iliad, is proud to declare that network “4G is now perfectly level” . it must be said that Free has invested this year. The operator now covers 73% of the population in 4G and 85% in 3G.

Progress has been fast in barely a year, and Free Mobile can be proud of tailgating a giant like SFR which is up on the market since the arrival of telephony mobile in France.

By investing more, Free Mobile will expand its offering of and hunt the criticisms that are made. In some time, Free Mobile no longer operator proponents of budget packages but the operator who offers the best value-quality-price. And auction for the new frequencies approaching should still give a boost.

4G Free is the best of France in the third quarter according to nPerf

a bright future

for all these reasons, Free Mobile seems unfazed. The operator has a picture of Savior since arriving on the market. He practices extremely affordable and works heavily on investments to deliver a better quality of service.

It’s hard to see how the Free machine could be stopped. Because e n face competitors are suffering and provide promotional offers at the end of year is certainly not enough. There is almost no doubt, the future of Free Mobile looks radiant.

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