Fitbit Charge 2 and Flex 2: new design generation

after 9 years of existence and the leading position on the market of the wearables, Fitbit launches 2 new bracelets activity tracker. Load 2 and Flex 2 will replace respectively Charge HR and Flex in the range of bracelets connected Fitbit. They recover the strength of the first generation, win a few features and especially a refined design.

the announcement was made at the beginning of September IFA, but I waited to attend the evening of launch in France yesterday to present you with all the details.

Fitbit Charge 2 Flex 2

presentation of the Fitbit Charge 2 fitbit-charge-2

Attention to the confusion, in terms of features, the load 2 takes the succession of Charge HR (with optical cardio). The load (without cardio) will be no successor. So load 2 = Charge HR + new techno and refined design. Another point you notice quickly: the screen is 4 times bigger. The control is done through the touch screen and a physical button on the side.

the Charge 2 shows what to what Fitbit tends with the renewal of its range of bracelets: a more slim design and a wide choice of easily interchangeable bracelets (plastic, leather or metal).

load 2 is the Fitbit mid-range bracelet. Not oriented towards sportsmen, nor to people who are looking just to count their steps. Its features allow to get a glimpse of the physical form of its owner:

  • monitoring of heart rate continuously 24/24

  • Determination of heart rate at rest

  • follow-up of the cardio during exercise

  • estimate of the VO2max

Fitbit announced an estimate of VO2max (a measure of the cardio vascular capacity that determines the maximum performance). But in its concern for extension to reach the largest number, Fitbit has named “indicator of form cardio”, been calculated based on the profile of the user and statistics of its activities. I think that we won’t have the same accuracy with a Garmin Forerunner 235 , but it must be remembered that the load 2 will never come to walk on the toes of the runners who are looking to better their time. However, following this data over the medium term, it is a good indicator of the evolution of the physical form. As Fitbit will replace this indicator compared to your profile to show you where you stand compared to people the same sex and age range.

to meet the demand of some athletes, Fitbit has introduced a sporty profile to make the split (new). It complements the range of activities like biking, running, etc). The other new feature is the possible connection with the GPS on your smartphone. It is not as well as built-in GPS, but it allows for some activities to record the journey.

after activity, load 2 displays a summary of the activity statistics screen. After that, it will offer a session of guided breathing of 2 or 5 minutes (depending on the time available to you) for a return to calm (new). In the first phase, just breathe normally, load 2 saves your cardio pace. Then, an animation on the screen guides you through inspiration and expiration cycles that must be followed. The announced objective is to reduce stress, anxiety and blood pressure.

daily, it records the number of steps, calories burned, active minutes, alert of inactivity, with the SmartTrack which recognizes automatically activities, do not lose your physical activity. It also keeps track of sleep and silent alarm.

the level of smart notifications, calls, SMS and calendar alerts appears on-screen as the wristband vibrates.

presentation of the Fitbit Flex 2 fitbit-flex-2

Finally a Fitbit bracelet waterproof! Flex 2 is a sensor that slips into interchangeable (rubber or stainless steel) bracelets or pendants. Compared to the Flex design was treated, the textures of the bracelets reviewed and all thinned by 30%.

he records the number of steps, calories, active minutes. The SmartTrack will detect the type of physical activity (walking, running walk, bike, tennis, etc) with now swimming because it is waterproof to 50 m (account length, duration and calories). An inactivity alert can be activated to go off after one hour of inactivity (if you did not at least 250 not in time).

track the sleep function is coupled to a silent alarm. That is that Flex 2 will vibrate at the appointed time (set via the app) you wake up without noise.

alerts are by vibration and 4 LEDS offer a minimum ability to display progress toward the goal. It can connect Bluetooth with your smartphone and alert you to the reception of calls and SMS. He keeps a battery life of 5 days.

a novelty on the app: the adventures Fitbit fitbit-aventures

one of the trackers of activity ideas is to encourage users to move. We know why the alert of inactivity, badges and other personal records. Then there was the challenges between friends, where the goal is to do more than not others.

Fitbit innovates by combining challenge and virtual reality to create the adventures Fitbit., a new way to motivate themselves and be more active. The idea is simple: 1 not in real life = 1 not in a virtual universe. 1 km through the real life = 1 km travelled in a virtual universe.

currently, so you can walk virtually in Yosemite Park. Soon, you can make the New York City marathon!

as you progress, your phone will display photos 360 ° which you can explore by turning your screen all around you. And along the path, it will have to find hidden treasures.


to in 2015, Fitbit worked features (the Charge of HR was the first bracelet with follow-up cardio 24/24). In 2016, Fitbit will be focused on the design to evolve (Blaze and Alta released in March) and renew (Flex 2 and load 2) its range.

load 2 is positioned as a versatile bracelet, which almost everything can do except swimming. And with training in split, the indicator of cardio shape and heart rate at rest, Fitbit has muscular features for athletes. This is a bracelet that should find its place in the face of other bracelets as the Vívosmart HR or the Polar A360 , with the advantage of customization and the variety of proposed bracelets, more fashion.

the Flex 2 is a daily activity monitoring bracelet, not so much for sports sessions. It’s almost surprising that it is one Fitbit has chosen to make it watertight. I think that the idea of Fitbit is to sell the complementarity of a bracelet tracker base and another band (Blaze or load 2) for intense activities. Because it should be recalled that the Fitbit application supports 2 different wristbands for the same user. That is, it will synchronize with the closest bracelet for him send smart notifications and merge after synchronization data from the 2 bracelets to rebuild your full activity statistics.


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