Expensive cardio GPS watches are better than others (study in support)

a study based on nearly 30 000 comments of buyers of cardio GPS illustrates the relationship shows that there may be between the satisfaction of the user and the price of the watch. The main conclusion is that the most expensive cardio GPS watches are rated as the least expensive.

the conclusions of the study

  • overall, satisfaction increases with the price of a cardio GPS watch

  • is the Ambit3 Run and the Epson SF-810 who harvest the best grades

  • Suunto is the brand whose watches cardio GPS are most appreciated

  • the 10 Forerunner is the watch that offers the best price/satisfaction


Etude satisfaction et prix montre GPS This study is 100% independent. Data have been collected on the site Amazon (price and buyers notes) and then compared. I did this study to see if we are obliged to spend a maximum to buy the latest model in fashion to find the good cardio GPS watch. For me, at the base, the good cardio GPS watch, it is one that will meet your needs. Brands tend to renew their GPS watches more and faster and to encourage you to buy the latest model (more expensive) in touting this or that new feature. Still, this study shows that athletes who buy the most expensive watches are more satisfied than those who buy a mid-range or of a previous generation model. Of course, it’s just a general trend and there are exceptions. This is the methodology:

  • I chose a selection of GPS watches and/or cardio

  • I have compiled close to 30 000 notes, 44 watches, 8 marks on Amazon.co.UK and Amazon.com sites

  • prices have been identified on 20 December 2015 on Amazon.fr


Prix vs satisfaction above , I ploté 44 GPS watches and/or cardio based on 2 parameters: the price (in euros) on the x-axis and the note (between 0 and 5) on the y-axis. Clearly there is not a clear correlation between the price of a watch and the satisfaction it brings to its user. It gets rather a cloud of points with big gaps. But if you do a regression to find a trend, we realized that less expensive watches on average score not as good as the more expensive watches. So I dug a little bit more in detail. If you compare ratings of the 10 most expensive watches and the 10 least expensive, the result is surprising. The 10 least expensive watches get one our average of 3.93 of 5, for an average price of € 123; at the other end of the graph, the 10 most expensive watches, which are supposed be best, received an average rating of 4.15 for an average price of € 372. So, it’s very tight. So that’s a difference of 5% of satisfaction for a price 3 times more expensive. But if we look at the trendline, a watch 100 would be evaluated to 3.9 then only a watch to get the score of 4.3. This time, the average difference is more significant. Top et flop

comparison of the marks

Les meilleures marques montre GPS then, I compared the average scores obtained by brand. Some brands make quality products, others rely more on innovation and all have not the same marketing strategy. This time, it is even clearer: the brands that sell their cardio the more expensive GPS watches are the most popular of their clients. Two brands are clearly above the rest: Suunto and Epson. But this satisfaction is paid, since they are the ones who sell their most expensive watches (with Garmin). The highly targeted strategy of Suunto (of good quality for outdoor products) is rewarded. Epson, which is the last entered without noise in the market of GPS watches up remarkably well alongside Suunto. For their part, TomTom and Mio pay probably the risk of having introduced the cardio optical sensor on their sports watches. Some buyers are unfamiliar with the sensor, tighten enough the bracelet and are disappointed by the apparent lack of reliability of the cardio watch.

potential biases that can influence the results

Finally, these results are reassuring, the quality is paid. Before this study, I thought I’d get the opposite result: the sportsmen buying GPS watches with fewer features would be less demanding and leave better grades. While seasoned athletes could be disappointed by the details of their last toy. But as no study is perfect, here are some reviews that can be done.

  • the notes are taken from Amazon, a site selling online General that attracts a certain type of athlete profile. Perhaps most demanding sportsmen go through other sites and have another opinion on these cardio GPS watches.

  • prices have been collected 20 December 2015. However, for old watches, these prices have dropped since their release. The notes/price correlation is not perfect from this point of view.

  • sounds huge to bring together 30 000 notes, but the law of large numbers is not fully respected. So, the note of some recent watches as the Forerunner 235 is based on 26 different opinions. Maybe it will evolve over months and up-to-day.

that being said, I think the findings are good, because the 2 graphics (comparison by watch and brand) go in the same direction. Gold for the chart by brand, the score of each brand is the average of a greater number of notes. Etude satisfaction montres cardio GPS


no brand has influenced this study. I did my own research on these watches cardio GPS seamlessly. The cited brands don’t even were not aware of the conduct of this study.


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