Doze vs Greenify: which one to choose the battery?

Although this won’t be a simple task to differentiate them, we’ll still try to explain why Doze is better to do this where Greenify will be better to do this. If you finally want to ask you about one of them, this comparison might well help to determine the winner from another in a few clear points. And you, what battery saver are you? Open this duel between Doze and Greenify Android! See also vs Stamina Doze .

Note: If you have a version of Android 6.0 or superior, this article does not.

So, which one to choose: Doze or Greenify?

For simplicity: Doze

If you are users who want to go straight to the point, the ‘Doze – For Better Battery Life’ application is one that might best suit you. Why? After a few introductory screens to its setting, the application then goes into underwater mode to disturb you. From a certain point of view, it is also the case of Greenify, except that it is more complex to set up and application have a better control of Android to properly wield. A beginner can download and use Greenify, but it will be soon disappointed to find that certain privileges offered by the application are limited to rootes users and/or those who have Xposed. At the end of the day, you will understand that Doze – For Better Battery Life is the easiest and most viable solution without doing anything.

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Doze is the easiest to use with Android to get straight to the point. © ANDROIDPIT

for the possibilities: Greenify

at the base, Greenify is also an Android application that allows to cut applications, finally to detect those that are energy-intensive. That is, very gourmet resources on the battery. In addition, the application gets another function which brings the ability to detect applications that slow down the device. So, it is really possible to have control over the application and, if they have open my mobile to the root rights.

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more complex Greenify is the Colombo of the intensive energy of Android applications. © ANDROIDPIT

for mobile without modification: Doze

Although the Doze – For Better Battery Life application is and shows very simplified to Greenify, that doesn’t say that it is bad for both. Least, that’s what she offers and it is enough for many. Thus, pressing on the ‘Sun’ will allow you to choose which application you want to keep log from when the screen goes to sleep and stop their operation in the background. In this list, you can choose any (application (s) without exception, in addition to discover four additional options and more hidden in the mechanical wheel top right to unlock the ‘continuous Mode’ that is able to keep active while both Doze (display switched on/off), but also to stop it when it connects to the WiFi or it is recharged.

test comparatif doze vs greenify fonctions telechargement images 02
with Doze – For Better Battery Life, you can even keep the mode asleep when the screen is turned on. © ANDROIDPIT

Mobile rootes and Xposed: Greenify

as to Greenify, the advantage is its ability to extend its functions for mobile rootes, in addition to multiply them for devices installed with the framework of Xposed. By aiming for the ‘experimental’ settings, you will see that Greenify camouflages its share of cool options. As such, the first thing to know is that it is possible to choose the setup of the application based on the rank of your Android device: Non-root, Root or Boost (which includes the root and Xposed functions). In normal mode, it is already possible to get the function of hibernation of certain applications, in addition to sleep – and more – system applications (by purchasing the Premium version).

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-side customization, Greenify is undeniably the best on all points. © ANDROIDPIT

you can find options that merge all applications so that they are all asleep at the same time, and not separately. To go even further, it is possible to wake up or not applications when you receive a call or a text message. If your present Android annoying slowdowns, the option ‘Block abuse of status of implementation’ will allow you to cut the applications that continue to operate and, even when the memory RAM is saturated. Install it to learn more!

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Yes, Greenify to set up everything (or almost) on the fly! © ANDROIDPIT

apart from this, these two Android apps are shown very convincing on my motorcycle G 2013 ‘ 4 G’, while I thought the opposite. If you are interested in these applications, you can download on the Google Play or elsewhere:

  • compatibility: from Android 4.1 (for both)

  • file size: approximately 2.5 MB (for both)

Doze – For Better Battery Life Install on Google Play Greenify Install on Google Play

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