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If you have just arrived, this dedicated section you will find all the news and latest versions of Google Maps, in the form of installation APK files. A way to take advantage of the latest version of the application, even before it is deployed at home! Now you can see in real time how a store can get crowded ( details).

highlight the latest changes

Google Maps summary

where to download APK on Google Maps

this version of the application is available in several variants for a single version. Compatibility, there is a version of universal, but also other versions dedicated to the ARM64 architecture and x 86. As for the required minimum version of Android, it takes a device Android + 4.1 to be eligible.

Download APK from Google Maps in its latest version:

Note: between universal versions intended for Android + 4.1 and 4.3, + the + 4.3 have different design elements, of the fact that it is more advanced than the 4.1. That said, note that versions for x 86 and x 64 architectures are not available, but the universal versions remain so pending.

Older versions of Google Maps:

how to install APK from Google Maps

proceed as for install an external application :

  • turn on installing applications from unknown sources

  • (trouvable dans les «Paramètres > Sécurité > Sources inconnues»)

  • find the APK from the Google Maps in the application downloads

  • open the file and install the new version of Google Maps!

android google maps 9 8 1 images tony balt androidpit france 00
before considering to install Google Maps by hand, it may be that your Android you calling for the activation of the applications from unknown sources. To do this, proceed as described above. © ANDROIDPIT

If you experience problems installing or running, you can still download an older version of Google Maps, which may regulate encountered malfunctions.

What’s new in Google Maps


we regret to inform you that Google account to optimize my system of ads on Google Maps. When you are searching for a specific location such as a trade or a gas station, the application will show you ads. The latter should, logically, be linked with the object of your search. It is clear that things will be clear for the user: if he seeks a trade (or anything else) on Google Maps and an ad, it will be clear on the screen.

In the long term

here’s a few time already, Google had appropriated Waze, which was then a competitor of Google Maps. It seems that the American giant has decided to look into since it here implements a feature based on traffic conditions, in practice it is to inform the relatives of the situation on the road. If you’re stuck in a jam, you can directly say to your family so that they don’t expect you for dinner.

Other new features will also be available. You will have among other things the possibility to access all your travel history, feature which was good of course already available on mobile and made its way to mobile phones. If you go to an area where Internet is not available, Maps finds and will immediately offer to download the map in advance to avoid complications. Maps will also propose using a shortcut on the home screen if he notices that you regularly perform the same journey.

People with disabilities are not left behind: Google wants to identify the places accessible in a wheelchair on my cards. This initiative will facilitate the daily life of those people, and on long trips, will avoid unpleasant surprises.

Google Maps 9.41.1 update

Google offers us much interesting novelties. Black Friday approach and to avoid the crushes in stores, Google offers us to know if a store is crowded even before entering. You can choose to come back later if it is really too full.

Google will also present the stores opening dates, including those who are integrated in other stores. For example, if you want to know what time farm Sephora in the large surface Leclerc, you’ll find opening hours directly into it.

More information (in English) on the Google blog .

too many people in this store, check back later! © Google

update of Google Maps 9.32.1

from the version 9.32, you can access an interesting feature: Wi – Fi mode. Over the period where you had to use your data, you can now do wireless and keep your data for any other purpose. Note to be beta tester to access this feature.

A change of design of maps can also display only important information, highlighting for example the names of areas rather than the names of the streets. Last new: ‘areas of interest’ which appear in yellow/orange on the map. Roughly speaking, it’s the active areas in which you might want to get. You will find an overview of this feature in the next video.

update of Google Maps 9.31.2

many users wanted, Google did: you can now configure several destinations. It’s nothing new, this function exists since a long time on the service’s web interface. It is not complicated: when you enter your destination you see the symbol +, clicking a new input field will appear, and you can type the destination.

Don’t get too excited, everyone will receive the update at the same time, it may take a moment before you there have access.

Google Maps 9.20.0 update

the last update of Google Maps brings as always a lot new features. However changes are not revolutionary. Google Maps 9.20.0 now offers a new option in the menus dedicated to voice navigation for disabling directions during a call.

The new version also lets you add photographs to opinions that users leave on the application. Maps now also indicates the name of the streets in color on your routes and exits directly in the map poiur simplify you navigation. Finally, for those who use Google Maps (browsing history) Timeline, it is possible to manually add places of passage.

maps update
Google Maps 9.20.0 allows to manually add places of passage. © Android Police

update of Google Maps 9.19.0

this update brings a lot of new features. The first is quite handy as it allows the application to monitor your locations history and your recent searches to guess your destination. In doing so, she will be able to inform you of any potential problems that may arise on your road: accident, Cap, deviation etc.

the voice mode is also developed. As you can see in the picture below (on the left), you can choose one of the following three options in navigation mode: muffler , alerts only and normal . Always in the picture below, but to the right this time, you will find a new option in history: Google Maps can be used to find an address that you have entered wrong. In the same settings menu, you can also disable the display of the Google Photos.

on the left different sound modes, to the improved management of the history right. © ANDROIDPIT

update of Google Maps 9.17.0

after giving the possibility to download a map to use offline, Google offers today more features to use the application without an Internet connection. Based on the fact that 60% of users from around the world experience difficulties pour connect, the Mountain View company now allows to take advantage of GPS navigation on these maps offline. Google also now says the weight of the file cards that you download.

Maps Offline navegacao offline
Google Maps offer now on Android offline navigation. © Google

it is also possible to do research (schedules, telephone number…) on these cards, always without an Internet connection. Handy thing, Google will detect automatically when the user is in an area saved offline and that my Internet connection is bad to switch the saved map. The converse is also true. Google Maps will return to ‘normal’ mode when an Internet connection will be found again.

The deployment of this new version is done gradually on Android, so that it is possible that you don’t have the latest from today

update of Google Maps 9.12.0

Google has added a new option to its mapping application that worry many users. Indeed, it is now possible to see all your travels. Thus, the history of your locations have been updated for easier you to read. What remind us that Google controls all of your activities and your travels.

Your travel history so appears in the form of a timeline (timeline in french) clear and precise. Locations, hours and precise coordinates are so indicated.

you can now control more easily all your travels. © AndroidPIT

for the dissatisfied, Google still leaves the possibility to erase all or part of your history.

Google Maps 9.11.0 update

after nearly a month without update, Android on Google Maps 9.11.0 is available and offers new features friendly and practical. As a first step, let’s talk about the arrival of a mode that allows to hide the elements of the interface. To do this, simply click anywhere on the map.

installer derniere mise a jour google maps 9 11 0 androidpit fr cacher interface 00
to hide the interface type to any place on the map to get more visibility. © ANDROIDPIT

Google shared in person, the other new feature aims to give a little more rights to Maps in Android Wear. By opening Google Maps on your Smart Watch, you can now zoom in on the map and cela in two ways: the first is to pinch the screen, while the second is to click on the buttons + and -.

installer derniere mise a jour google maps android wear zoom multitouch multipoint pinch to zoom image 00
Google Maps Android offers a gift of Christmas with the arrival of the zoom. © Google

rather minor, the last function allows to edit captions to your images in Google Photos. Finally, if you have previously activated the tag location and visibility in the “Your addresses” option in Google Maps.

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