Don't let not your smartphone load all night!

since Galaxy Note7 fiasco, the loading of the smartphone has become an important topic in the eyes of users. A fact in Wales pays today the Chronicle, placing the security of smartphones to the taste of the day: the room of a teenager burned following the explosion of the smartphone.

smartphones are our friends, we must love them too… But we must be careful a bit anyway! Just a simple model with a default, a black sheep of the technology, and the consequences can be terrible. Of course, any manufacturer self-respecting has a quality assurance Department whose job it is to make the device a reliable product, that there is no danger.

The tragic mistake of Caitlin

that said, there is an another important element to take into account: the way we recharge the smartphone. Caitlin Rae Durant, a teenager living in the country of Wales, is well placed to talk about. This young Welsh teenager almost lost my life in an accident event, failing to cause physical damage, completely destroyed my room.

fire caitlin3
here’s what looked like the front room of Caitlin, and how she is today. © ANDROIDPIT

the protagonists of this sad story are nothing other than itself and its smartphone, the iPhone to be more exact. Caitlin left my camera charge the night but she made a mistake: my phone charged on a blanket. He therefore heated quickly, to the point that it caught fire and quickly the flames spread. She left the room and joined the rest of my family so that the fire commenceait to spread to adjacent rooms.

Unfortunately, the entire floor burned down and there is much about the House of Caitlin. The entire family suffers the consequences, they can no longer live in their home for the next 6 months, they will be staying in a rental home. Fortunately, no one was injured during this sad episode. Firefighters believe that this situation is due to the loading of the unit on the covers but was there also a manufacturing defect?

Always keep in mind the basic rules

one must always be careful with its smartphone: Beware of cables that are too cheap or are in poor condition, make sure that no external factor would heat the smartphone (e.g. reloading on a duvet) and try to avoid charging for hours.

Modern smartphones have a mechanism of load stop when the maximum load is reached. However, it is not impossible that your device has problems and you don’t are not aware, so when in doubt, avoid to load as you take an unnecessary risk.

Have you ever seen a phone explode?

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