DAS: smartphones with the best and the worst specific absorption rate

what are the risks of radiation emitted by our smartphones on our health? At this level, studies are still contradictory about the link between exposure to electromagnetic radiation and the risk of developing cancer that has never really been established and for the moment, researchers fail again to agree neither on their safety, nor about their harmfulness.

DAS smartphones

when you look at the data sheet of a smartphone, you will notice that for each device is indicated the SAR (specific absorption rate). Value that corresponds to the electromagnetic radiation emitted by each phone . After the Decree of October 8, 2003, this value must be less than 2 watts per kg of weight. Most of the newer phones have a DAS between 0.4 and 1 W/kg, but some are more bad candidates than others with a DAS can sometimes go up to 1.5 W/kg.

Electromagnetic waves: what health risks?

The DAS index, the more a phone is likely to issue negative waves for health. These waves are not ionized they can be absorbed by our fabrics and our cells and increase the risk of cancer. In addition, the danger is even greater with children whose skull configuration allows deeper penetration of electromagnetic waves. Reason for which new Act waves bans now the use of a mobile phone, a tablet or even Wifi in nurseries.

smartphone ondes enfant

according to the latest survey conducted by the Institute of science of Weizmann (Israel) and published in the Biochemical Journal, 10 minutes of exposure would be enough to affect the cells of the brain related to cell division, and would be considerably increased risk of developing cancer of the brain about 10 to 12 years of exposure.

Classification of smartphones by DAS of the highest in the most low

DAS smartphones

Although the classification is not exhaustive, we have tried to draw up a ranking of the most popular. If you think that some should be included in the rankings, feel free to let know us in the comments.

Top 10 of the best DAS among smartphones popular

updated 11 17, 2016. A possible lowest DAS is recommended. DAS (most important) head is classified here, in W/kg.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Edge S7 (0,264)

  2. Asus ZenFone 3 (0,278)

  3. Samsung Galaxy A5 2016 (0,290)

  4. Lenovo bike Z (0,304)

  5. OnePlus 3 (0.394)

  6. Samsung Galaxy S7 (0,406)

  7. HTC 10 (0,417)

  8. Sony Xperia XA (0,473)

  9. Honor 5 X (0,560)

  10. Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 (0.621)

Top 10 worst DAS among smartphones popular

  1. Honor 8 (1.5)

  2. Huawei P9) 1.43)

  3. Apple iPhone 7 (1.38)

  4. Apple iPhone 7 more (1.24)

  5. Honor 5 c (1.14)

  6. Sony Xperia X Compact (1.08)

  7. Sony Xperia XZ (0,870)

  8. LG G5 (0.737)

  9. Apple iPhone SE (0,720)

  10. Sony Xperia X (0,720)

the values below the 2 W/kg imposed by the legislation are still acceptable.

What are the best practices to adopt?

Although some studies contradict each other concerning electromagnetic radiation health risks, it is possible d’ adopt a few good practices as a precaution and the first of them is away my smartphone of so-called “sensitive areas” like the heart, underarms, hips, genitals and of course the head.

It is also strongly recommended to sleeping next to my smartphone and even more so when he is in charge. And the same is true when it comes to use. It is especially possible to reduce radiation to the head by opting for a wired hands-free kit (not Bluetooth) or using the speakerphone when it is possible.

dormir telephone

Finally, quite surprisingly, calling in a box or the network signal is weak can potentially increase the radiation from your phone if it is constantly looking for network.

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