Cyber Monday 2016: the best offers and tips

Cyber Monday is a day of sales which is celebrated after Black Friday. This year, it takes place this Monday, November 28, 2016. Originally reserved for the Americans, Cyber Monday has crossed the Atlantic to France. Last year, it was on this occasion that the best deals had appeared. 

what is Cyber Monday?

The Cyber Monday or topping is a marketing concept created in 2005 by the big sites of online sales in the United States to compete with Black Friday. Since then, the thing has evolved and now affects the physical stores and malls. It is also an opportunity to catch up business missed during Black Friday.

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of mega discounts for Cyber Monday! © ANDROIDPIT

before the success of the event, Cyber Monday has quickly exceeded its native American borders to win in Europe. After a successful 2015 year 2016 promises to be pretty spectacular in terms of promotions on tablets, smartphones, and the smartwatches.

This year, Cyber Monday takes place on November 28.

Why Cyber Monday is different from Black Friday?

The difference between these two shopping days is characterized largely by the behavior of consumers. More people buy during Black Friday but Cyber Monday consumers tend to spend more. There are also differences between the products and offers available. Large differences can be observed.

Cyber Monday 2016: our good plans





other tips

which stores participate in Cyber Monday?

Virtually all major retailers across the web and traditional trade are now affected by Cyber Monday. Online auction sites are particularly active during this period. A month before Christmas, so the stakes are important to achieve good figures of end of the year.

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there are always bargains to find Cyber Monday. © ANDROIDPIT

Cyber Monday Amazon, street trade, Cdiscount, TopAchat,, LDLC

E-commerce sites are the largest facilitators of Cyber Monday. Thousands of Flash offers or promotions are granted during this day. All brands are involved, including Apple. For example, big discounts on the iPad and iPod had been made.

It was therefore particularly stay connected if you do not want to miss a good deal. To help you sort it out, all the best deals will be relayed here in cettte article.

Here are a few quick links on sites where you can find good deals:

you can also monitor the offers of the operators (Free, Bouygues Telecom, Orange, SFR,…) where business will be certainly present.

Cyber Monday FNAC, Darty, Baker

physical stores selling mainstream also started Cyber Monday to attract consumers. So, it is always interesting to visit in its stores. Good surprises can expect.

Remember that these signs have websites. Offers will be certainly present also. Of course, as always, he will be quick to make the best deals.

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prepare your credit cards? Cyber Monday comes. © ANDROIDPIT

Cyber Monday Carrefour, Auchan, Leclerc,

supermarkets involved in this day of sale. Even if the offers are less numerous, they are not less interesting. The opportunity to start with a good quality for a small price for example TV or Tablet not. Know finally that Carrefour also has a web site called Carrefour online,

what bargains can be done during the Cyber Monday 2016?

Know exactly what will be on sale during the Cyber Monday 2016 is tricky, but we can make some informed guesses based on past sales and current products.

For example, the bargains on the smartwatches will be many. Similarly, the flagships launched earlier in the year, as the Samsung Galaxy S7 , HTC 10 or LG G5 will probably be affected by nice promotions. Even the newer models will certainly be entitled to discounts. We think especially of the Galaxy Note7 If this is relisted.

Do you know other stores or sites that can offer interesting deals. Share them with us!

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