Conference Raspberry Pi in Bedoin (84) November 26, 2016

bedoin_titre_250px MAKE THE RECYCLING – in Bedoin (84). I moderating two conferences on the Raspberry Pi: one to 10: 00 and 15: 00 . Those who wish to repeat will be welcome!
Program Raspberry Pi 3 and Pi Zero , the BONES, the GPIO and examples of use in France… and elsewhere. If you have my book (one of my books), bring it and I peeps you him with pleasure after the conference. I bring some… to the case where 🙂


logo de Linux Ventoux

thanks to Linux Ventoux for the invite

you can donate your old computer equipment worn or too old. It will be refurbished and will resume a new life in schools, associations or individuals with modest incomes.

TWO machines will be sold
for the benefit of the Telethon.

also bring your old ink cartridges, the moneys they generate are intended for the cooperative school of Bédoin.

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there will also be a Scratch workshop, the possibility to play Minecraft or demos of 3D printers.

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you can initiate to FOSS with Primtux

Logo de Primux distribution Linux Basée sur Linux new educational distribution based on Debian and participate in workshops (free office software suite and free 🙂) LibreOffice

Affiche de pub de la FAITES DE LA RECUP

organized in conjunction with Linux Ventoux MAKE OF THE RECYCLING will also see the participation of the MJC of Bédoin CourTechZon of Courthezon, the LAB of Aix in Provence, the assoc. WITH Mormoiron and Framboise314.

Affiche de pub de la FAITES DE LA RECUP

Saturday, November 26, 2016 9: 00 to 17: 00 in the Bedoin EJM – football stadium Parking…

download the flyer…/uploads/2016/11/prog-FDLR-2016 … and enjoy your acquaintances, friends, family…

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