Comparative test of the fastest processors in smartphones


smartphone processors: what you need to know

the processor is the basic component of a smartphone, one that also determines its operating speed. It is essential, therefore, that it is fast. But what makes a smartphone processor faster than another? The clock frequency and the number of cores is not complete indicators. Indeed, we find more info at the intereiru of those chips in the austere fact sheets posted on the manufacturer’s website.

System on a chip (System On Chip or SoC) is made up of several components. Among them, a central processor, a graphics chip, a media processor, LTE modem, security components, and a signal processor. With such diversity in functions, difficult to talk about the “fastest” smartphone processor.  

snapdragon 808 androidpit france copyright qualcomm image tony balt 00
girls processors have a heterogeneous architecture. QualComm ©

a comparison of the fastest smartphone processors

in this part, we look at the results of the measurements of processors and graphics chips and it reveals Android devices that ship the fastest smartphone processors.

Processor Exynos 8890 Snapdragon 820 Kirin 955 Tegra X 1
Dispositiif Samsung Galaxy S7 edge OnePlus 3 Huawei P9 Pixel C
AndroidPIT-test 100% (Reference) 94.66% 87,80% 85,29%

the index is based on the best results of 3DMark Geekbench, PCMark and Octane.

The ARM processor architecture: the common denominator for the processors?

Its quality lies above all in its composition, more than the sequence of chips. The generation of the Galaxy S4 has realized successfully the big technology. LITTLE developed by ARM. It is the combination of two clusters in a single chassis: the large cluster includes four high-performance cores, and the LITTLE cluster can have up to four cores at low power consumption.

The very effective LITTLE Quadcore supports background tasks, which leaves the big cluster active energy only for brief periods. In this way, you can maintain autonomy on your battery even faster processors.

Speed of four cores is felt when you use your device, which makes the fast smartphone according to your needs. The big processors. LITTLE became the standard and some of them begin to equip the mid-range models.

According to our measurements, the Exynos 8890 is the smartphone processor who proved to be the fastest. Even if he does not completely all its power, it takes well in charge of complex games in terms of graphics, and approximates the chip Nvidia Tegra X 1. The 950 Kirin, which turns out team Honor inexpensive, 8, be the fastest processor for benchmarks of PCMark’s Office and Video Editing, even though its graphics performance are mediocre.

The graphics chip: what’s the difference in gaming?

The manufacturer Nvidia offers the fastest graphics chips for smartphone to market. And the list of games that can profit grows. NVIDIA also listed them on Play Store.

nvidia shield package
Nvidia has the fastest graphics chip for smartphone, which can improve the graphics performance of most of the games. © AndroidPit

Android terminals equipped with Nvidia chips

the difference between fast and slow graphics chips can feel when you start a new game on a really old smartphone. Unlike a PC, games (for the most part) do not begin to laguer, but the graphics are simply less detailed.

real racing graphic details difference
real Racing 3 reproduces details as of mirrors and reflections of mirrors only if we have a fast processor. Above: the Galaxy S6 Edge 7420 Exynos Snapdragon 400 G (2013) © motorcycle ANDROIDPIT down
AndroidPIT Google Pixel C 8784
the Google Pixel C harvest more than 40 000 points in Basemark x © AndroidPIT

according to the graphic benchmark Sling Shot of 3DMark, the fastest graphics chip to an Android mobile terminal is the Samsung Galaxy S7 (and S7 edge) in its American version , i.e. with the Snapdragon 820. In France, the alternative available for similar performance in gaming is the OnePlus 3 T. But if you do want good graphics performance, Pixel C is also recommended.

AndroidPIT samsung S7 epic citadel 1271
the Galaxy S7 through its Game Launcher, is the staple of the player. © AndroidPit

the Samsung Galaxy S7 Amazon price

$ 585 . 99


Snapdragon 820 and 821

quadricore Snapdragon 820 processor is faster than the Snapdragon 810-8 hearts. my secret, among other things, it is the Hexagon digital signal processing processor, and algorithms at the forefront in machine learning (machine learning). In particular, these improve shooting performance and increase the number of successful camera shots.

AndroidPIT Google Pixel Event2016 9894
the Snapdragon 821 pixel improves images of invisible way. © AndroidPit

Google Pixel is one of the first devices to fully exploit these features. Even if on the side of benchmarks, it contains few surprises, even if its performance in gaming are convincing. In reality, he must look my potential on the side of the daily tasks, such as taking pictures.

Samsungs Exynos 8

with the Exynos 8890, Samsung has managed to produce the fastest processor for smartphone for the second time in a row. But this isn’t the only reason why the Galaxy terminals seem to so fast. Very short loading times for applications are made possible by the UFS 2.0, also manufactured by Samsung, flash memory card, which is also used in the OnePlus 3 and Google Pixel.

AndroidPIT OnePlus3 soft gold 6527
the OnePlus opted for very fast Samsung memory. © AndroidPIT

MediaTek Helio X 30

previously known as a supplier of chips down-range, the manufacturer MediaTek is little by little a competitor of choice for Qualcomm and Samsung. The technical details of my Helio X 30 comes to be unveiled. Since the equipment to test for this chip are not available, can not yet to decide on it.


devices that ship a Snapdragon 820 or a 8890 Exynos as the Galaxy S7 have equal speed performance. Huawei and Honor, aircraft equipped with chips years, are also good for daily tasks, but are more struggling for the demanding mobile games.

However, apart from the processor, flash memory is a decisive factor in speed seen on smartphones. That’s where Google Pixel, OnePlus 3 T, the Samsung Galaxy S6, and the latest addition of Huawei and Honor to pull them out of the game.

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