Choose between iPhone and Android: this isn't just a question of hardware or functionality

before you go further, Yes, I know that a very large majority of you will disagree with me (and you are also more than welcome to present your point of view in a most eloquent way in comments), but relying on more technical elements , i.e. the hardware and features first and foremost, this isn’t the only way to consider the question at the time of the choice of your future smartphone.

While both platforms had barely arrived on the market, evaluate and compare the datasheets and the differences between smart phones was more than justified, since then, Android and iOS had some lamentable omissions and characteristics that defined them, and even for the most part, their absence was desired. Can we agree that, for a long time, we couldn’t cut and paste on iOS?

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the Google Pixel XL against the edge S7! © AndroidPIT

However, at the present time, most of the ranges of smartphones is getting to the point of equality in terms of the price or features of the terminal. Therefore, there is no choice between a smartphone with a good camera, one that will hold your entire music library, or even to take just one recent example, a waterproof smartphone. There are many models on the market that can bring together all at once, perhaps with the exception of the waterproof, and this with a wide range of prices for all.

It is not necessary to choose between Android and iOS following the availability of your games and applications on one platform or another. Obviously, you will not be able to find everything on the platform you will have passed, but you can find something that strongly closer to missing applications.

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Xiaomi Mi5s changes much pure Android interface. © AndroidPIT

the determinants?

Given equality in terms of hardware, a similar ergonomics and the same type of applications available on part and the other, these factors are, in my view, the less decisive to choose between Google and Apple. For example, the way Apple locks its ecosystem to assume a fierce control means, theoretically, that there is less of a problem, but this sacrifice also openness and choice, in a way. As a result, users lose the ability to do what they want with the smartphone that they come to acquire for several hundred euros.

I’m not a developer, but if we take into account the possibility of an initiative of the open source through which several different companies can make their own hardware and contribute to the general direction of the platform is a safer “bet” for me to support a company that leaves us clearly not do what we want with the OS and software , but gives us a ‘simple’ experience. No one can deny that a part of the attractiveness of the iPhone is the simplicity of the range, and the few available models. For how much longer? It is a must-see.

But what that means, however, is that when Apple decides to do something, the user must follow as well as. An obvious example for the iPhone: the removal of decision-making mini-jack for headphones, or even lately, the removal of several popular features on its MacBook Pro range, including the MagSafe connector and USB Type A ports that everyone uses.

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the latest version of Android is always very late. © AndroidPIT

Apple has used to innovate successfully, for example by eliminating the CD drive during the presentation of the MacBook Air. But this does not alter the resignation of customers who have to do with if they want to continue to use Apple products. Otherwise, he should buy all the compatible products under a different platform, and for most of the public, it is unthinkable.

In fact, the choices we make on this “two lane highway” is the world of smartphones is often one we’ll assume for a long time, and that’s why I choose Android. Obviously, this isn’t the easiest OS, and that its open nature source makes it more conducive to the fragmentation of devices and the disaster that are updates, who put out centuries, while iOS users effectively receive the latest version as soon as it is ready.

But for me, everything can be reduced to two factors: the choice and the attitude towards the customer. Multinational companies such as Apple and Google can not be seen as altruistic, but they are either products simply for the pleasure of their shareholders. Either. But the communication style to base of “it’s magic”, and “fastest, the best, the biggest and most sophisticated” used by the Apple marketing, it doesn’t affect me, sincerely. It’s the attitude of someone who tries to convince you of something which we know that isn’t true. We can listen, nod knowingly – he lost the reason-, but this does not change our convictions, however this change the confidence that is put towards this person. In this case, this ‘person’, it’s Apple. Do as if each of the aspects of their smartphones was completely revolutionary, I can’t.

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Android vs. IPhone: a choice is not so simple. © AndroidPIT

the second factor, the one related to the percentages and probabilities, is defined as follows: Apple is the only provider of software and hardware for its iPhone. Android has the choice by the hundreds in both cases. Do you not like your current smartphone? There is only the embarrassment of the choice also. If Apple does (still) something that is not to the liking of its customers, they have no other choice than to do with or ‘moving’ life digital on a competing platform.

In the end, choose a smartphone Android rather than an iPhone whenever I get the chance, it became obvious. Why should I choose a smartphone to a brand that limits what I can do, eliminates features at my whim, and sells it to me as if I had not seen such before?

Sure, I could not choose it. But perhaps this is your case, and that’s fine.

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