Chinese manufacturers are leading the dance for 2017

Chinese manufacturers were always present on the mobile market, but their first steps on the European and American markets had not necessarily been well seen. Taxed to be pale copies of the smartphones of European or American origin, they have now become the stars of 2016 and 2017’s great future leaders. Let us show you why.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4

the Smartphone market is most important thing: it is diverse. Although the struggle of operating systems has finally left two opponents truly compete, iOS and Android, manufacturers came from around the world take advantage of the latter to create their own concepts of smartphones.

And that, we saw the advent of these devices. Yet, it took a lot of time before Chinese manufacturers earn the same respect as Korean brands like LG or Samsung market, even Apple, which has long been the race ahead of my competitors in the high-end.

These were often seen as pale copies of their competitors, and I must say that in many ways… they often did. Of the overlays that inspired IOS designs taking advantage of legislative laxity of their native country, they have been slow to find their own identity.

But it’s now over. And even more, they are now ready to conquer the year 2017 as never before. And thanks to many factors, we will explain to you today in this folder.


to say: the great have fallen in 2016

before talking about 2017, however to do a first reminder about the year 2016 and the changes that have occurred during this. Starting with the biggest of them all: Samsung, which took the foot in the carpet before crossing the finish line.

Everything seemed to go for him better after discovering the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. Once out on the market, they have been a real hit, and have broken all records of sale of the firm .

But with the release of the Galaxy Note 7, the cake is soon down: implosions repeatedly, disastrous on the event, and communication a first reminder with nothing resolved before cancellation total have done to tarnish the image of the brand for many consumers now frightened by the Korean who seemed untouchable before.

my great opponent on top of the range did not necessarily better, since Apple failed in the year 2016. By presenting my new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus , he made a first mistake: keep the same design for 3 years in a row. What cause a minimum of fatigue for her fans, and somewhat eroded the image of innovation he built for years.

But above all, he made a choice that did not rain at all in the vast majority of consumers: say goodbye to the port jack on its phones , to focus on wireless headphones that dated are still not officially released.

Communication around the withdrawal of the Jack was not well received, while Apple suggested that it took “courage” to get rid of it. But in the absence of a truly innovative alternative and pushing a welcome development, this gesture especially was seen as mercantile in order to push its wireless accessories and its adapters.

huawei mate 9 face

Huawei progresses, progresses and progresses even

you were talking about in the introduction to the fact that Chinese manufacturers were often overlooked in the face of their competitors in the early days of Android. This situation has not prevented them to climb gradually to compete them, through aggressive strategy and marketing.

Indeed, rather than come the tackle directly in a market extremely important in the world, America, Chinese manufacturers have generally established their energy to become known in their own country first. This enabled them to win a large fan base, allowing them subsequently to conquer another market…

And this market is Europe! Seeing the progression of Huawei and Honor brands, it is undeniable to get around U.S. through Europe has a world of good brand. Today, Huawei became third in market share in the Smartphone sector , and continues to record a great progression when my opponents tend to decline.

Not surprising then to see that the manufacturer has ambition to overtake Apple and Samsung next few years . By being observant preferred my progress, it would be hard to not believe.

The hole left gaping by the absence of the Galaxy Note 7 can quickly be filled by the Huawei Mate 9 in China and Europe, much more then that the brand is now well established in our region and that the prices that she practices are much less costly.


prices do not prevent the latest technologies

because Yes, we must not forget a very important point about fame found by Chinese manufacturers: the prices they charge. In 2016, one of the most successful examples of this is another OnePlus 3, which suggested an equal sheet see superior to its competitors on the high end for half less expensive.

The worst is that these prices do not sacrifice the technology used. Where the big brands will make concessions on the processor used or photo, OnePlus sensors proved that he didn’t have to make and could even afford to integrate 6 GB of RAM before all competitors.

Worse still, he comes to prove once again that by presenting my OnePlus 3 T, which updates to propose a Snapdragon 821 and a new sensor before photo 16 Megapixel . The difference in price between the old model and this one? only€ 40.

The ratio quality / price of these brands is unbeatable. As the years passed have helped them to separate from their not necessarily rosy image of easy brands copiers, they gradually begin to take the ascendancy over their opponents.

mi mix realite

Xiaomi, Meizu and Huawei: first on the end of 2016 / beginning of 2017 innovation

and this is the last highlight of this great change. 2016 has not only been the year where Google has finally decided to make her own material, or the year of the fall of Samsung. One of the most significant events of this is also the fact that Chinese manufacturers have become the first on innovation.

Although officially, it is the ‘first’ to offer, Xiaomi has managed to be the first matter out a smartphone to display truly borderless: the Xiaomi Mi Mix, in addition designed by Stark , and which is not be passed unnoticed since its flash sales flowing in tens of seconds in China.

And he won’t be the only one on the market, since my local opponent Meizu will also be part of manufacturers offering a borderless smartphone shortly. Huawei also has a concept of the same ilk , however with a completely curved screen, he might decide to go out shortly.

But this event was largely symbolic in its irony: while we blithely accused Xiaomi to have copied Apple, then to have copied Samsung, another speech will be heard in 2017: Samsung will be ‘copied’ Xiaomi if he puts out my own borderless smartphone . Not necessarily in reality, since these devices are slow to be designed and then produced, but at least in the public eye.


conclusion: the Chinese on all fronts

you understood over this article: Chinese manufacturers are now on all major fronts of the Smartphone market. You would think that the American market still somewhat escapes them, but some are it already made a comfortable when place others like Xiaomi are already preparing an aggressive expansion .

What really remains to their opponents? Their brand image is eroding now, as is the case for Samsung and Apple, for example, when their only increases. The price war has been and is still for them, while they are able to exit the manufacturing quality of the tops of ga aircraftMs. for half the price.

Most importantly, the technology is now for them: they are the first to integrate the 6 GB of RAM, processors in vogue, see even the recent software updates like Android 7.0 Nougat . And this without more now simply copy their opponents, but by offering innovative overlays as is the case of EMUI 5.0 and its use of machine learning.

At the dawn of 2017, they are now the best innovation by being the first loans to conquer the new smartphones borderless area. And based on the reaction of the public in the face of the Xiaomi Mi Mix, this one promises to be important in the coming months.

Now that they managed to separate itself from their bad image of “champion of the copy”, is no longer a person to feel the need to be justified to have a Huawei rather than an Apple. Quite the contrary: brands are now able to create real momentum of fanaticism around their products.

All conditions are therefore met to make Chinese manufacturers assault 2017 with an unshakable force. No surprises on the part of its competitors, particularly in the area of high-end, they will be unstoppable.

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