Borderless screens: the best fig leaf of builders for 2017

in 2017, the tendency will be to the borderless screens. There should be a screen without borders on the iPhone 8, the Galaxy S8 and Huawei and Meizu also prepare smartphones on display zero borders while Xiaomi comes to announce my. From the outside, it’s beautiful and “wahoo” effect is guaranteed but is it not rather a way for manufacturers to hide an obvious lack of innovation?

ecrans borderless

The powder in the eyes!

Aesthetically, the Xiaomi Mi Mix is the most impressive smartphone ever offered by the Chinese, or even the more surprising manufacturer ever seen on the market. It must be said that Philippe Starck has done a remarkable job. This just after the e-Note 2, first smartphone curved brand, a highly anticipated device, it didn’t hurt to oust him in the news.

Yet, technically, it does not offer much more. Certainly, it is a high-end device equipped with a Snapdragon 821 with 4 or 6 GB of RAM but whose only value added high competition of the range lies in the design.

Xiaomi offered with this mid Mix, one step ahead as most ‘major’ manufacturers, should offer screens borderless in 2017, Samsung and Apple first. Somewhere, it was a stroke of genius because more they trivialize, it will be hard to tell the difference, but for the moment, we are not yet there. This is only the beginning. The screens without borders will explode in 2017 but finally, is it not just the tree that hides the forest?

In 2016, almost all smartphones offer a premium design

the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S8 should occupy more than 90% of its surface, Samsung is even willing to sacrifice its traditional Home button to not offer the same design a third year consecutive. For its part, Apple would have also expected an iPhone 8 borderless to celebrate the 10 years of its iPhone. Huawei would prepare, too, a smartphone borderless offering a curved on all four edges and same Meizu screen would be one in its boxes.

The first renderings of the smartphone Meizu borderless are already available on the Web and if they are real, then we’ll have in front of us one of the most incredible smartphones ever seen on the market. Still more impressive than the Xiaomi Mi Mix . Gone are the days where one accused Chinese companies of copying Apple and Samsung, now, they anticipate anticipating trends themselves.

It’s all well and good, but finally, what good is a borderless to share screen to put in full view of the consumer?  Do not go back on the negative effects of a such form factor that we had already discussed in a previous reflection but just ask us to the right questions.

Two years ago, most of the high-end models still incorporated plastic in their design and materials ‘premium’ as the glass and metal remained reserved only for some manufacturers. Last year, these two materials have so democratized that today ‘ today, not only all high-end abandoned plastic but, increasingly, even the mid-range models incorporate glass and / or metal.

Watch the Honor 5 c or the Samsung Galaxy range has the latest Xiaomi Redmi. Therefore, if all smartphones (or almost) offer a premium design, what’s left to manufacturers to make a difference? The borderless screens.

Xiaomi Mi Mix, Galaxy S8, iPhone 8: the borderless screens will be really useful?

How to hide the lack of innovation by design

each year, the manufacturers offer smartphones still more beautiful and more powerful picture quality which is now that of a real compact camera . It is now more than smartphones but photophones. Besides, if they all offer double photo sensors one after the other, it is not for nothing. It’s practically the only alternative they have to do better than the previous year.

iphone 8 borderless

Ditto for what is power. The Snapdragon 820, 821, Exynos 8890, Kirin 960 and Apple A10 merger are already monsters. Of course, you can always offer more power and improve energy efficiency by opting for a finer burning but there again we reach saturation. Apart from on hungry games, processors of the previous year will do perfectly.

There is of course doubt cuvée 2017 will be even better than the vintage 2016 and smartphones from next year will explode all scores on AnTuTu and DxOMark but is that really enough to convince customers that must fall for the new model as those proposed in the previous two years were already excellent? What’s a simple ‘better’ will be enough to justify a price increase?

Of course not, firstly because the consumer is not fooled, then because he gets tired very quickly. In 2016, builders are at such a point of saturation that the only remaining solution to provide a real wake-up call to the consumer and the borderless screens are undoubtedly the controller they efforts next year.

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