Black Friday: the perfect time to buy a smartphone?

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The Black Friday 2016 is scheduled for Friday, November 25, 2016 and will run throughout the weekend. Three days during which the shops offer us the craziest promotions. The ideal time to buy a smartphone? That’s what we will try to define by the list of benefits and drawbacks to buying a smartphone during this weekend of madness!

smartphone black friday

what is Black Friday?

Black Friday was born in the United States in 1932. He always takes place the Friday following Thanksgiving Day and marks the kickoff of year-end purchases. All American stores go their promotions doing this Black Friday the ideal time to make purchases. In some States such as California, there is even a public holiday.

Why use the term Black Friday? One of the most common explanations suggests it is in reference to the black American streets of world so this event is unifying. The other implies that because of profits made by traders who go from red to black during this period.

In France, it is mainly practiced on the internet and very often, offers are not confined to a single day on Friday but last all weekend, or even a full week. Although we were not celebrating Thanksgiving, Black Friday is still a golden opportunity to make purchases. Some shops do not hesitate to sell their products up to-85%, and there are many opportunities of doing good business.

A golden opportunity for bargains

during the Black Friday weekend, some stores do not hesitate to draw offers completely crazy to sell off their stocks. For sellers, it’s a golden opportunity but to the consumer also! Indeed, during this period, it is not uncommon to find some high-end smartphones 100 euros cheaper than their original price.

And not only smartphones because the shops are also many promotions on accessories and other devices or on laptops. From a strictly financial point of view, buy a smartphone during Black Friday, it’s interesting, and for good reason because you pay less.

In addition, some vendors do not hesitate to offer bundles that allow you, for example, buying a smartphone and a Bluetooth speaker or an external battery for the price of the smartphone alone or with sometimes a small discount and/or an ODR. In any case, it’s an opportunity to do good business, long Peel offers and select the most advantageous.

Finally, where this event is also interesting, it’s Black Friday falls one month before Christmas, therefore a great opportunity to make gifts and other purchases at the end of the year without breaking the Bank too.

Test of the Honor 8: all of an except the price

comparing the offers

so buy a smartphone during Black Friday allows to make bargains, is not as long as it’s automatic. Why it is important to compare offers.

Typical example of an excellent offer, last year, Honor had been strong. my Honor 7 was proposed to only 249 euros thanks to the accumulation of a reduction of 50 euros and an offer to pay 50 euros proposed by the manufacturer. It was therefore possible to afford it for 100 euros cheaper than its original price, as a gift, 6 month subscription to Deezer Premium +.

In addition, Amazon who also proposed the Honor 7 to 249 euros had not hesitated to offer an external 3000 mAh battery for the purchase of the phone. It’s no wonder that the Honor 7 remains one of the most successful of the year 2015. We can already imagine that the Honor 8 will also be just as advantageous promotions this year.


Black Friday is definitely the best time to make purchases high-tech, with balances. However, before jump you on the first offer that may seem advantageous, he must first do the sorting, which means to spend time and do not rush. But as stocks are limited, it will act fast when in trace one likely to be interested. Not always easy to find balance and which will involve to be always on the lookout.

Test 5 c Honor: small price, big performance

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