Best Android application in 2016

to be honest, it was not the Play Store Google suggestions that will help you to find the best Android apps. Because who says better said not necessarily most downloaded: above all to match your desires, your habits, your needs. We spend our days to test applications of all kinds, so much offer you our selections: here is the best Android apps.

note: looking quite our selection of the best Android games? Head over here: best games on Android . Moreover, we have not included the best applications that can be found everywhere, which are the most downloaded (Facebook, Skype, Twitter, etc.) but a selection of different titles to really offer the best Android applications.

Because we are not necessarily bind a means of payment to our Google account or because we cannot spend all money on Android applications, we offer the best free apps on Android



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Feedly is in our opinion one of the best applications to follow the news, if not the best. Feedly retrieves the RSS feeds of your favorite sites (entered automatically or manually). You can sort them into categories, which can be very handy during sleep or searching for specific information.

with Feedly, you don’t miss any information. © ANDROIDPIT

of course, you can share articles you read through various methods, including social networks (essential today) or by other less popular than Facebook and Twitter, as for example Evernote. Of course, you can send links by email.

The application is of course available on the Store.

feedly: your work newsfeed Install on Google Play


this famous application was available on iPhone, here it finally is on Android. It’s the kind of applications that are found at first sight unnecessary, if not ridiculous. Then it tries, and finally we love! It is simply to add filters on selfies: you can turn yourself into monkey, woman with beard etc. More filters should arrive quickly.

msqrd beta android bra
MSWRD is easy to use. © ANDROIDPIT

in the long term, this app is not going to revolutionize your experience to your smartphone, but you can have fun with your friends!

MSQRD is recently available on the Store.

MSQRD Install on Google Play


for a few days, the term “revolution” has really become commonplace. If I were to give my opinion, I would not say that the Instabridge application is revolutionary, but a good idea. Why isn’t a revolution? Simply because such applications already existed, but was not as popular.

instabridge city teaser
Instabridge allows you to find free Wifi hotspots anywhere in the world © Instabridge

to go straight to the point, this application introduces a new feature on the device on which it is installed. Finally new, it improves the WiFi and makes it smarter by displaying a clear card, which indicates the location of the free and open WiFi available at your fingertips. A 3G or 4G connection is required to access the card, but you can connect to your favorite WiFi without being connected to the internet by mobile networks 3G / 4G.

The Instabridge application is available for free on the Store:

WiFi Instabridge Install on Google Play


Waze is more than a GPS. On Android, certainly there are Google Maps, which is the case most of the time, but you must admit that you are already told you that there are probably of best apps Android GPS and navigation. Waze goes further, it’s a real social network.

the advantage of this GPS/navigation application, it’s that can completely leave out the extra features, one is left with a great application for the road. The usability of the application and its fluidity is better than Google Maps, which isn’t necessarily a feat in itself!

Waze – GPS, maps & traffic Install on Google Play

new best Android applications

each month, we offer our selection of the best applications for Miss nothing new. A simple and practical not to forget the last nugget fashionable way.

The best Android apps by categories

your smartphone is a bit a tool kit: there are about everything and nothing, but there are some essential without which you cannot do much. What is the best keyboard for Android? How to customize your smartphone at all without going through the root? Which browser to choose? All the answers in our tops of applications that follow.

androidpit android weather 2
to AndroidPIT

best Android apps: communication

do not forget the utility first of our smartphones: communicate! But today, there are multiple ways to converse with our friends and loved ones: Skype, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger… Hard to navigate. These comparisons and lists of applications will help you make your way in the jungle of Android apps list.

Sergio loves texting
Android is a perfect world to communicate better. © ANDROIDPIT

best Android apps: music and audio

a reader want? Think rather to convert your tablet or Android smartphone through well-designed applications! Your smartphone can also replace your TV, radio, stereo and so on: instead of more high-tech accessories, choose rather good application! You will save time, money and space!

stream hero
to AndroidPIT

best Android apps: photography

most of the time, we don’t get out of the framework created by the default photo of our Android smartphone app. That’s a shame! There are applications by dozens, allowing us to add effects, to improve your photos or even to create unique photos. Yet once, simply find the right: she will not leave you.

AndroidPIT photo corner apps i use every day
to AndroidPIT

best Android apps: professional

our smartphone or Tablet leaves us more: it has even become a genuine working tool. But who says tool said not necessarily well built! Instead of wasting time to understand how your calendar app by default or search THE best app to edit documents, take a look below: there is no doubt all what you need to be (even) better to work with your Android.

Androidpit facebook at work 0422

best Android apps: teaching

there are many who believe opening the Google Store, not to see that games and applications more numbing than the other. Difficult sometimes to find a very nice application that allows you to improve knowledge, but rest assured: we have already done the sorting for you.

AndroidPIT apps train brain 0338 1

best Android apps: transport

Google Maps is not always the ideal solution when it comes to GPS, it is however by default on all of our smartphones and Android tablets. We offer here a few alternatives, including through navigation applications offering maps available offline. For purists, the compass will also do, but do not choose any one!

androidpit google maps gps 1

best Android apps: productivity and battery

does, or not, install an antivirus on their Android smartphone? It is sometimes better than cure, in my humble opinion. Anti-virus applications are not lacking, and we have already selected our favorites, ranging from Avast at Lookout. Battery issues? Several applications will take care to optimize your usage to improve your battery life.

AndroidPIT Smartphone On fire
to AndroidPIT

best Android apps: antivirus

the antivirus on Android have evolved. For some, they scan the data of the smartphone on which they are installed, including SMS and other services Messaging. Antivirus on Android applications offer also excellent features, such as securing applications, the full erase data or the blocking of the smartphone remotely. 

AndroidPIT virus 1

best Android apps: social, meeting

Internet dating, it’s over: everything is happening from your smartphone now! We tested meeting on Android applications, and offer you our favorites here. And, while we’re in the category meetings, see also applications that will give a small thumbs in your sex life.

Androidpit on the smartphone with hearts 1817
to AndroidPIT

best Android apps: unusual

our dear Google Play Store is full of resources: between applications strange, funny or unusual, there are also a few beads created by the Mountain View company and which is worth a visit. We said “best Android apps”, but there is also the best of the worst, no?

AndroidPIT transportation travel strike 0222
to AndroidPIT

best Android apps: travel & local

either before or during a trip, our Android can be more than useful! Tickets for less expensive aircraft to the essential applications available without an Internet connection, there are what make your holidays simple: escape! But don’t forget your charger.

AndroidPIT transportation travel strike 0219
to AndroidPIT

best Android apps for children

our little darlings are more than ever at the top as soon as it comes to technology: their dexterity and speed of learning in the face of the connected screens are sometimes impressive. Many parents worry: Advisor to our children, depending on their age, and how to secure their use? All the answers (and more) below. 

AndroidPIT smartphone for kids 2

best Android apps: the rest

not everything fits into boxes: the lists of applications are no exception to the rule! Below you will find a little of everything and nothing: that doesn’t make them less interesting!

Do you have applications to suggest?

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