Apple: why Donald Trump made my Turkish Head

Donald Trump was elected yesterday, November 9, 2016, President of the United States. A result that did not delight Apple. Throughout my campaign, the real estate mogul has indeed, the Cupertino firm headed by Turkish, accusing him of not to generate employment in the United States and do not pay taxes. Here’s why Trump is picking on Apple and the tech giants.

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Donald Trump’s high-tech giants, we can’t say whether the great love story. Businessman, yesterday elected President of the United States, has never worn the Silicon Valley companies in my heart, and the converse is also true.

But for a year, this disagreement has intensified because of remarks by Donald Trump at its meetings about the high-tech companies. The real estate mogul has simply Apple headed by Turkish, its symbol of the business model that has destroyed jobs and the economy in the United States.

Simply put, Apple is THE multinational company that dominates the world, making each quarter of billions in profits, which holds a treasure trove of war, all this by using very few people in the United States and in paying very little taxes also .

Some time ago, we relationships comments made by Donald Trump against Apple during one of its meetings. What he then reiterated in other meetings, mainly in industrial cities become affected, where the unemployment rate is high. Trump harangued the crowd in these words:

[Si je suis élu], I will ask Apple to start making its computers and its iPhone on our soil rather than in China. What benefit do we withdraw if everything is done there?

For Trump, the business model of Apple is absolutely not a patriotic spirit . Relocate the major part of the manufacturing process pushed the unemployment curve and Trump wants to change that. And he’s ready to show convincing.

For Tim Cook Apple pay enough taxes, these are just “political nonsense”

lower taxes Apple and others in the United States

to convince Apple, Google and others to relocate production and jobs in the United States, Donald Trump has therefore put forward two measures throughout my campaign. The first, the hard way, would be to very significantly increase tariffs for products on American soil.

And when it comes to increase, it is not with the back of the spoon. The rates would increase as well for the imports from China by 45%! according to experts it would be a disaster for the American economy with a strong recession and even more job losses.

Trump suggested a second solution, which might be better received by Apple and American multinationals: lower taxes on companies of these companies who hold billions abroad. The problem is that when you see the tax rate for Apple in Ireland for example, it would be better that Apple is exempt from taxation in the United States before the market is acceptable.

To an increase in prices?

Is there really a change to bring Apple production in the United States? Not really. Trump have taken a dislike the company headed by Tim Cook, she is certainly part of the multinationals who make the most effort to relocate.

In 2012, for example, Apple has built a factory in Texas to build my famous Macbook. In 2013, the mark to Apple installed a unit of production of components for smartphones in Arizona. It is little, but it’s something. Because all companies do not.


of course, in terms of jobs Apple industry, relocating the majority in China but its Apple Store similarly allow him to employ nearly 38,000 people. There is so much working in other branches of the company: R & D, production, design of products. And all this applies only to employees of the firm. Because of its influence, Apple would generate 1.9 million indirect in the U.S. jobs, of which three quarters around iOS.

Repatriate production to the United States would create of course of employment, but in the short term. As would sell more products. Prices would rise drastically, 66% about , if Apple products were manufactured in the United States. As explained in the tech specialist analyst Patrick Moorhead our colleagues of echoes :

prices, either Apple lower its profits. But I see not Apple agree to reduce its profits anytime soon.

When speaking of price increase, this isn’t a few dozen euros. For example, if the iPhone was assembled in the United States, its price would increase from $ 690 to $ 1150! it is almost double. Fans of the brand have been trouble swallowing the pill of the latest Macbook Pro 2016 , then an iPhone to 1150 dollars, it’s delirious!

donald trump forcer apple usines usa

under cover of patriotism and populism, Donald Trump held so of what seem to be impossible to implement in 2016. The new US president takes office January 20, 2017. Let’s see if he applies the promises made to my constituents. If this is the case, get ready to see the price of smartphones to American firms climb significantly.

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