Apple surpasses Samsung in the rankings of AnTuTu

performance of a smartphone depends on several elements, some are hardware (processor, chip chart, memory RAM…), others are software. It is possible to test the potential of a smartphone on a specialized application called benchmarks. One of the best-known benchmarks, AnTuTu, has published the list of the SoCs, graphics chips and the most powerful processors he could test.

what are the best shoes, according to AnTuTu? In first position, he places the A10 Apple (known through the iPhone 7 and 7 more) with a score of 170124. Behind him, we find the Snapdragon 821, which should quickly become the pet of all devices high range. Well behind, we find my dad, the Snapdragon 820, which was by far the high SoC most popular range of the year. According to this ranking, the Galaxy S7 CPU, the Exynos 8890, reached “only” the 5th position with a score of 129865. The Kirin, also are behind in this ranking of SoCs.

antutu smartphone performance
here is the ranking of AnTuTu. © AnTuTu

it must be borne in mind that the announced scores in this table are average values and the maximum values. Also avoid drawing conclusions too quickly: the tests do not take into account the different architectures. Maybe an A10 Apple would be extremely slow in S7, or that a 8890 Exynos would explode all the scores in an iPhone 7.

In the ranking of the processors, the chips of the iPhone leads once again. Apple A10 is very much in mind, far ahead Apple A9, which occupies the second position. On the other hand, the S7 CPU is placed in 3rd position, in front of the Snapdragon 821 and Kirin 955. Where is positioned the Kirin 9?

From your experience, what is the most powerful hardware on smartphone?

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