Android Nougat will revolutionize your user experience on the Galaxy S7 edge

after installing updated Nougat in beta on my Galaxy S7 edge, my user experience improved very much. When we restart the smartphone for the first time, we see too much difference, but it becomes obvious when again using most of the features.

TouchWiz is far more intuitive Android Nougat

TouchWiz is far more intuitive on Android Nougat. I have the impression that the Samsung engineering teams have stopped to try to distinguish their interface of Android itself, creating features that complicate the task of the user. Successful bet, because now everything is much more fast and easy to use on the device.

androidpit FR nougat s7 edge 1
a much smaller UX. © AndroidPIT

the first thing that caught my attention, it’s that the notifications bar and menu settings have been moved. Both have a much more austere appearance, which contributes to a much more stripped-down general aesthetics. Even if the display is in list format, and either by categories, each option includes a short description of its principle with a single click.

Thus, instead of blocks with connection icons, we are left with a followed by ‘Connections’ option descriptions “Wi – fi, Bluetooth, data use,” etc. Even for those who come to acquire a S7 Galaxy for the first time, they shouldn’t have too much trouble to find.

androidpit FR nougat s7 edge 2
descriptions in each section of the settings. © AndroidPIT

and if, by chance, you are lost, the manufacturer has thought of you, with suggestions system which allows you to check the parameters with the option “view”. Among the examples that are not necessarily in this menu, an intuitive application manager or module improvement videos.

The display of the Galaxy Note 7 has its share of additions too, as a filter for the blue light. This feature reduces visual fatigue, especially at night, by limiting the amount of blue light emitted from the display. Moreover, it is still unclear how this new user interface will be called because this update is not yet official. However, this interface seems to be closer than the Grace UX on fire Note 7.

In addition, a new font is available, SamsungOne. It was created to unify all Samsung services, refrigerators to smartphones. In view of this, it must be simple and practical, because it must apply to a very wide range of users. And it’s a real challenge, leaving the bright colors that defined the previous version of TouchWiz.

In the image below, you can compare the SamsungOne with the police Robot, Google.

comparacao fonte samsung google
the SamsungOne, a much more curved than Robot police. © Samsung

regarding energy consumption, Samsung has also added a monitor that detects background applications that mobilize resources, and those which may be adopted to avoid that your battery runs down quickly when you are not using the device. What makes this feature so practical, it’s that the system behaves in total autonomy. There is no mystery about the applications that need to be taken to achieve the desired effect, and of course, this makes it much easier to use.

androidpit FR nougat s7 edge 3
a more intuitive energy Manager. © AndroidPIT

another feature I think is notable, this is the search bar which is now visible above the list of applications, like the interface range Pixel . Using the search tool, if the application you are looking for is not installed on your terminal, the system displays a direct link to Google and Samsung app stores. It’s the kind of features that really made me realize, repeatedly, how TouchWiz became much more effective.

androidpit FR nougat s7 edge 4
fast access to app stores. © AndroidPIT
androidpit FR nougat s7 edge 5
by clicking on the icons, you can access additional shortcuts. © AndroidPIT

Finally, another feature that really took shape under Android Nougat, it’s Always On Display. Beyond to show the types of notification, it can now open third-party applications from the screen saver when you click twice on a specific notification. A good reason to enable it on your smartphone.

Some time ago, when I installed the beta of Android Nougat on my Galaxy S7 edge, firmware has been made available by a member of the Samsung test program, and that became my smartphone OS. So far, it is pretty stable, but this limits the use of Samsung Pay because this is not an official root.

So far, I am satisfied with my experience, but there’s still an analysis of performance in the next few days, as all everybody knows, TouchWiz is reputed to be quite heavy.

How about you? Have you already downloaded and started to introduce you to the new version of Android on your Galaxy S7 or S7 edge? Comment below and tell us what you think.

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