Android: how rooter my phone in one click with Towelroot

here is a very well done application which will allow you to root any Android phone with a click. my name is Towelroot, an application developed by Geohot of the XDA forum. Here is a little tutorial for rooting your smartphone two-step three movements and without take you the lead.

rooter telephone android towelroot

Towelroot actually exploits a vulnerability present in Android’s Linux kernel which has not been corrected. The root should run smoothly on most devices. This vulnerability is exploitable by any application, Android, Google may soon suggest a fix, which isn’t always the case.

Although the application will be particularly appreciated by those not understanding not that ADB and Fastboot means , it should be noted that Towelroot does not work on the Sony Xperia Z2, S4 Active Galaxy and Galaxy S2.  Other devices may also be inconsistent, especially those who have recently been updated, but in the worst case, the root will not perform and a message will warn you at the outset that your device is not supported.

How rooter its Android with Towelroot smartphone

warning: the operation described below is safe, but remains informal. Therefore, neither Phonandroid nor the author of this article cannot be held responsible for any damage to your device.

1 . Make sure you that your phone allows applications from an unknown source. To do this, go to ‘ settings > Security > check “Unknown Sources”.»

2 . Download Towelroot using your phone on the website

3 . Click the Y red (lambda sign), to download the APK file directly on your smartphone.

root android

4 . Use an application to file Explorers (your phone or download on the Google Play) to find the file APK from Towelroot , then just press the button to rooter Android .

5 . Download the SuperSU application that will serve as a barrier for some applications that want root access, but also which will disable applications like Knox that might limit the functionality related to the root.

6 . It’s over! Download the app Root Checker to make sure that your mobile is well rooted!

You can also root your Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge through our tutorial which shows the method with CF-Auto-Root. If you’re having trouble, you can visit our Android forum or you are sure to find answers!

What is the root and why rooting Android?

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