Android: 6 things you absolutely must know

Android integrates so many hidden features that there are necessarily some proposed by your smartphone that you suspect the existence, as gestures. And Yes, there are a multitude of things that can make life easier for you. All you need is a smartphone running Google’s OS and your fingers and you will now be able to save valuable time.

gestes android

1. Directly access the quick settings

it is quite possible that to access the Quick settings of your smartphone , you dérouliez first the notifications Panel and then in the Quick Settings. Did you know that using your two fingers, you could access it directly? Simply you place the menu down your two fingers from the top to the bottom of the screen and the menu for the quick settings that you will see first.

parametres rapides android

2. Directly access the settings of an application

notifications system found since Android Lollipop is very convenient but did you that notifications were not only to access an app or vulgarly be swept? By a long press on the notification, you will see a first icon that will return you to the settings of the app and a second which will bring you directly to the application notification settings.

Note everything as well as all user interfaces do not offer this option.

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3. Navigate from one tab to another under Chrome

the browser Chrome for Android allows you to display web pages in different tabs but did you know that there is a much simpler way to navigate from one tab to the other than the one you are currently using? Instead click on the box in which is indicated the number of open tabs, simply place your finger on the address bar and drag to the left or to the right to bring up the previous tab or the next tab.

chrome android

4. Zoom in on any screen

as long as mobile user warned, you regularly zooms on the photos you’ve taken with your smartphone or on web pages that you visit but did you know that it was quite possible to zoom in on any screen? Once this setting is enabled, you can zoom in on your desktop (OK, it does not much) in applications. To do this, simply:

  • make you in the menu settings > system > accessibility your Smartphone

  • turn on “Gestures of expansion”

you can then zoom in anywhere simply by tapping the screen three times. You can then adjust the zoom using your two fingers.

zoom android

5. Zoom in by double clicking screen

we all know the traditional “Pinch to zoom” function which allows you to zoom an area of the screen with two fingers, but did you know it was also possible to zoom in on photos or cards by making everything just double tap on the screen. An option that allows especially faster and zoom with one finger. Beware, however, it works on the maps and photos of the gallery but not on web pages.

6 remove an application from the drawer

there are several ways to delete an application on Android . You can visit the Google Store Play in the settings of your smartphone or even but did you know that it was also possible to do this directly from the office or from the drawer of applications. The method varies a bit from the stock to the builders overlays version but the procedure is much the same. Android stock, simply:

  • open the drawer of applications (if the app isn’t on your desk)

  • do a long press on the application that you want to remove

  • drag it right to the trash.

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