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javascript S i you take 1,000 Professional (excluding dev. web) developers and ask them what they think of JavaScript, it is very likely that 999 answer you that it is the worst language ever invented and who does not form part of the 999 will answer you for sure ‘can you repeat the question?’ until it was partitioned in web pages to make fun smileys when you tickled them pointer or to drop snow on the screen during Christmas didn’t hurt anyone, but, in recent years, things have changed.

war of the Web

in the upper echelons of reflections centers where you hide ideas inventors who decide how the computer tools must evolve and impose on us how we use it ( how it or is it? I know nothing about me, it’s there, elsewhere …), he fell one day as an evidence to rule through the web. It is here that the war has begun. No No, not that of the ORC against the humans, that it was just a fight of sandbox in comparison. I’m talking about the real war of the browsers. The one – the same who ravaged the world for several decades. Who could forget the beating inflicted on Nestcape by Microsoft and the return of the revenge of the vigilante FireFox .


while it was fighting at big shot standardization, plugins and rendering more or less efficient but above all less compatible engines, without knowing really more why it was fighting, a new enemy settled. I speak of course of the burning legion… uh – what am I saying, I wanted to say Chrome . Since then, guns have become more destructive, alliances have been broken, the infinitely more numerous battlefields and there is nothing the first quarrels from the beginning… In fact in many look, if there is one thing: JavaScript.

the survivor JavaScript

JavaScript technology was there forever. She survived somehow in all the battles and in all the camps. With my ghost, its callback typing we know when we call but never if and when they would decide back.  An ecosystem empty everything and surrounded by nothing or had to paw to what already existed in the other languages. Besides taking care each time to package to be compatible with every browser of the moment (for those to come, we’ll see… or not). The class supported by prototypes unless it don’t or vice versa. And what about millions of pages using scripts doubtful, coded to pulled by webmasters improvised and who eventually executed (or more often planted) on your system. I’ve always loved the stuff like ‘ this site is optimized for IE ‘ who actually wanted to say: If you’re on Linux or Mac you’re not surprised if it works not . Or the opposite, ‘ this site is not compatible with Internet Explorer’ then 90% of desktop computers turned on Windows.

jserror if I was given 1 cent whenever I had loaded a page that informed me of a JavaScript error , I was now loaded and I’d write this post from my yacht parked at the Caribbean with around me a lot of Tahitian dedicated to drink exotic cocktails. The reality is that I only has a fishing boat, I write for my small office and that if I’m thirsty, then I move my booty to the fridge and to use me myself a cheap pils. By cons, JavaScript is still there and it unquestionably helps fill the pockets of the giants of the web (or of the Kings of the world if you prefer).


treat evil with evil

is not good, sucks, it’s pathetic, but it’s here and there and done with either one does not. Some are well understood. With the evolution of the HTML and CSS the first JavaScript Framework for began to emerge. JQuery , Angular , MooTools and so on. Up to programming languages overlay in as CoffeeScript TypeScript recently or . Little by little the bad language breaks free, becomes standardized and eventually becomes ubiquitous point of shadow technology thought to be unassailables. Whether we like it or not the most used software on a daily basis in the world, it is the client http (in various forms) and there are systematically of the JavaScript behind.


JavaScript, lethal weapon

in addition to all these tools supposed to make easier and more robust developments in JavaScript , Google had the crazy idea to pretend that JavaScript could be ‘ powerful ‘. They sometimes strange ideas at Google, but force to hire geeks who thrive on the RedBull between 2 pecos with herbs, obviously it gives sometimes ideas that others do not necessarily. In fact Google had understood that in the future, v8 which would make the power of a browser, it would be above all its ability to be as efficient as possible to run of the ignoble but essential JavaScript code. They worked the top and is output V8 . Something open source that can compile natively JavaScript that they carried on most platforms.  Then comes a geek no doubt a little more redbullise than others with an idea even more crazy. Why not use the power of this engine outside of a browser? And poof, like a hair in the soup, that’s NodeJS .


an application platform-oriented networks, but this time, independent of the browser. So now here we are in possession of a powerful tool that will allow us to run natively in the code that you already had trouble a bear when he was played in web browsers.

NodeJS, a different approach.


when I discovered it a few years ago, I reacted as any developer. still a mode to make a ‘ trucbuzz’ like no other and that will never work. It’s JavaScript, so it gives me buttons and I’m probably not going back to homeopathy housewife so that 30 years ago that I exercise my powers through black magic super powerful. Well, to tell you the truth, I didn’t see no interest to use this thing. 
grrrrcoputer Well, ok, I’ll take a peek, but quickly made so… So I started to read a bit, testing time lost, experimenting. I think I’ve never been so insulted a computer when I started NodeJS . Nothing worked as I wanted to, none of the reflexes that I had on any other language did not give me satisfaction. Then I remembered of Clint Eastwood in Firefox (the other) who had to think in Russian in order to use the great cuckoo just taxing to the popofs. I got to think ‘asynchronous’. A heresy for a developer or normally almost everything is synchronous except only what one has intentionally coded to not be. With NodeJS, it’s just the opposite.

very reluctant at the beginning, I ended up by accepting the concept ‘different’ and I must admit, I even at times amazed by the ease of use and performance compared to many other languages that I practice for a long time. Professionally, I’m not (yet) too using NodeJS. I just migrated a few old PHP apps for RID me an old Apache Server and I must say that everything works perfectly good and even better for the fact that I was able to replace all of my Ajax exchanges by sockets. In contrast to my dev. personally, for the IP, I use it more and more.

NodeJS and Raspberry PI

NodeJS is included in the latest 2 distributions of Raspbian (at least) and its package manager ( npm ) is installable by a simple apt – get command . The number of available packages is amazing sometimes what makes choIX hazardous and do not hesitate to test several for the same task. Once passed on the language prejudice, we can very quickly develop web applications live in real time, with ease. Although this is the primary role that he was often granted, it can do much more than that. In the light of its asynchronous Nativity-oriented networks, its lightness, of the richness of its packages as well as the opportunity to develop or even its own ‘ add – we ‘, I see through NodeJS a formidable middleware perfectly suited for small feet.


I also noticed on this site that the subject was a little see even much ignored. And yet it does not a day on the forum or beginners struggling to try to install the webserver’s to use just a few static pages as a GUI and usually for questionable codes written in Python. So I just decided to inform that could also happen quickly to very good results without ride a factory gas and encode for weeks. Why I cracked a little tutorial on the forum raspberry 314 . Do not seek the guru code inside. It is aimed a newbies (or not) not knowing not NodeJS .  I went on the idea of writing code with the simplest possible instructions and comment to strict minimus telling me who wanted to understand could easily do is documenting a little. However, don’t fall back the mistake of thinking that JavaScript is simple and simple language. Many of my critics are motivated by misunderstanding or ignorance of its operation. 


my knowledge forum is free to read without necessarily needing to register, and if you’re interested, this is the:


for lack of power just know, it professionals and more generally developers are often quite ‘closed’ and reluctant to technologies that they do not use. They are generally little interest and don’t see them evolve. I must admit that if a psychic had predicted me only one day that I would write an article about JavaScript, I would have probably called her a charlatane. If you never did, I also invite you to do some research on the advice of professional developers of this technology. Some are vexed and cry foul, others find it interesting and others find ca downright awesome. Some people even be convinced that this will kill quite a few other technologies.  I have personally not claim to have enough experience to say that we should use it heavily or not. I agree more in the category it is interesting but in any case, I’m interested and I’m not the only one. Netflix, Payal, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Microsoft and many others do even more than interested.

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