A protective film to the screen of your GPS watch?

buy a GPS watch to follow its sporting activities, it’s still a budget. Even if found in 100 , the most expensive price of most of the smartphone (cf Suunto Spartan Ultra titanium € 750 .) Then necessarily, at this price, we’d him cuddling my toy. And especially to avoid scratches. Yes, but here, these GPS watches are increasingly made to be worn every day (by activity tracker) and follow us everywhere in outdoor, even trail or mountain climbing.

it is good for our smartphone, then why not on a watch? And leave themselves of more easily than attempt it costs only a few dollars.

so we have more and more want to protect her. And some have understood!

just search on Amazon the next Polar watch, the M600 . It is not out, so not available for sale, but there are already 36 different screen protection films for this watch!

interest / limit of the screen protection

the interest is simple: avoid scratching the glass of the display of your watch by installing a protection over.

the limitation of the device is its form. It protects the screen but not the Tower of the watch. And often, for watches equipped with a metal bezel surrounding the screen, this bezel receiving blows and scratches. As a result, screen protection or not, we are often left with a striped bezel. It is all the more visible that the bezel is dark. Then, we can clearly see the small white stripes on gray (or black) background. Scratches are less visible on clear glasses like that of the Ambit3 Peak Sapphire.

Ambit3 Peak Sapphire

when it useless?

a screen protection is useless in the case where your GPS Watch has a sapphire glass, because this material is virtually scratchproof. And here, this isn’t an argument just marketing, but scientific.

of after minerals hardness Mohs scale, diamond dominates the scale with a beautiful 10. Sapphire comes just after 9, while the glass to glass is 5. So there’s only the diamond (the alliance of your wife) who can scratch the screen of your watch. If you want to convince you, watch the video of this guy who drags a cinderblock on a glass Sapphire .

ca useless so if you have one:

on the other hand, even if he fully lets the light, several users have reported that the protection film was blocking touch screen function. So beware with a Forerunner 920XT/930XT, 620/630, Vívoactive/Vívoactive HR, Fenix 3, Spartan Sport. Protection against scratches said navigation through the menus with buttons.

types of protection

difficult to navigate among the adjectives more or less wacky manufacturers:

  • protective Film

  • armored movie

  • protection Crystal

  • filter blue light

  • antibacterial

  • anti-breakage

  • tempered glass

overall, there are 2 types of protection :

  • films, less hard than the base of your watch screen. Their function is just to take the stripe instead of the screen. Once scratched, it is removed and we install another. That’s why they are generally sold by 6.

  • harder than the classic glass crystal or glass, son. This time, the idea is to install a more scratch-resistant layer over the glass of your watch.

installation and result

all the photos below was provided to me by Alain, whom I thank to the passage through the blog on Facebook .

Film protection écran the most important point is to install the film on a clean screen. So, my advice is to do right out of the box product and in a clean environment. Otherwise, it’s pretty hard to avoid any dust, any fiber of cloth. And every dirt will leave a bubble under the film, which will remain visible. Otherwise, you will see that the protective film becomes invisible.

Forerunner 235 Pose film de protection Epaisseur film protection Forerunner 235 avec film de protection Forerunner résultat final

film used by Alain on its Forerunner 235: maxhood screen Protection tempered glass, real 0.26 mm Premium Film for the Protection of glass tempered to Garmin 235 watch 225

the same exists for the Forerunner 220 225, 230, 235, 620 and 630: maxhood screen in tempered glass Protection, real 0.26 mm Premium Film for the Protection of glass tempered to watch Garmin 235 220 225 230 620 630

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