A free ebook for good start with the Raspberry Pi

couverture_ebook_8conseils_250px Oh! in the local supermarket it is already Christmas! To believe that they do not have the same schedule as us 🙁
end of June satchels, eggs from Easter to Christmas and Halloween in August…
I thought that with 10 million of Raspberry Pi sold (and even a few months ago), there was a strong chance some of between – them find themselves at the foot of the tree.
And… it will be a great Christmas gift!
After, the Raspberry Pi is still a computer and there are some implementation and employment precautions to respect. This ebook includes tips that I could give to a beginner, all feverish to the idea to unpack my Raspberry Pi and connect!

couverture de l'ebook gratuit : 8 conseils pour bien dรฉmarrer avec son Raspberry Pi

these 8 tips should help a beginner who discovers the Raspberry Pi to use it in the best conditions. The simple idea is that Raspberry Pi will not be, after some time, delivery in a closet because is the m…
or because “ walk plus 🙁”

during my visits on sites that talk about the Raspberry Pi, I’ve often seen free ebooks offered by the author of the blog «»

  • free, but with the obligation to love Facebook page

  • free, but with the obligation to register and leave their email address to which you will receive the link to the ebook ( and 4312 spam of ads because that guy sold my address list)

  • free, but it would be nice to make a donation with Paypal…

(n’insistez pas je ne cafterai pas![)(19459014] )

I don’t even talking you about these sites where under the guise of an article more or less hollow, they put you at least 3 links to Amazon by paragraph, neither of those or pub windows vying for the place in the text of the tutorial… ( I don’t sing either!) )

well, you will say “ If your ebook is free… it’s me the product «…»

in a sense Yes, because at the end of the ebook there is a pub for my book Raspberry 3 Pi or Pi Zero . But you know now and you can simply download the ebook by clicking on a link, you don’t have to read the ads or buy the book…

read this ebook (if you have the time) it is CC-BY-NC-SA and version 1.0. Send your remarks in the comments below, it will be used for a version 1.1 🙂

well, you still say I did my grandpa grumpy gasping after blogs that monetize a little too what they ‘offer’ but there are sometimes, it’s good 🙂


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