A Fenix 5 but no Fenix 4 Garmin?

it sounds crazy, but a rumor just hatched, which talks about the arrival of the Garmin Fenix 5. A Fenix 5?! Yes, a subtle story of tetraphobia in China. You know nothing? This isn’t an April fool, it’s a leak, there’s pictures and everything.

the rumor of a Fenix 5

garmin-fenix-5s there is not that Suunto and Polar who can deplore leaks prior to the announcement of their new products (cf the leaks on the Spartan Ultra and the M200).

site Appelmoessite published today quite credible photos of a Garmin Fenix 5 possible. Or rather a Fenix 5, which would take over from the Fenix 3 HR and a 5s Fenix that would follow the Fenix Chronos (with highest quality materials).

and if you count the different combinations of case and bracelet, this is actually 11 different versions that could come out.

Appelmoessite about an imminent release, some say even ‘for Christmas’… I don’t believe not. I think it will be announced to the 2017 CES in Las Vegas in early January, for release in the spring. Finally, for a watch expected for 1 year, that’s more than 2 months to wait, which could be considered to be ‘imminent’.

usually, the first hint of an imminent release, it is the publication of a page on the site of the FCC (like this one for the M200 ). This is a must-see for any device equipped with a system of transmission (Bluetooth in this case). And here, I looked at, there is not (for the moment).

not Fenix 4?

apparently, in Chinese, the pronunciation of the word ‘4’ resembles that of the word ‘death’. So, in China, there is a kind of phobia of the 4. A kind of superstition.

this would be the explanation from series 3 to series 5. Amazing, since even Apple released an iPhone 4… Finally, to the limit, the explanation, anyway. What you all want, is to know what will this Fenix 5 in the belly.

in any case, the photos seem more credible than the concept of Fenix 4 we saw turn a few months ago.

presentation of the Fenix 5

gamme-fenix-5 there are 5 different versions, with or without a sapphire glass. After, they’re just different combinations of color and material.

  • black sapphire with wristband silicone black

  • gray sapphire with bracelet metal

  • Gray with wristband silicone black

  • Gray with bracelet silicone yellow

  • money with a bracelet granite

photos, we see already that the cardio sensor has once again evolved. The bump that you see on (almost) all watches) has been threadbare. Garmin must have confidence in its performance.

on the rear of the case, we can read GPS/GLONASS and 100 m (waterproofing). Nothing really new what.

I cannot tell if the resolution of the screen has been improved to match that of the Spartan Ultra. The present screens from the photos hard resemble those of a Fenix 3.

it seems that the bracelet is equipped with a quick release system. It means we can wear a Fenix with a metal bracelet in a suit and briefly bracelet silicone for a good workout.

on the other hand, I think that she is still not meant for ultra runners. The charging system has not visibly changed. It should therefore be the jaw charger too bulky to be worn in charging in the race.

presentation of the Fenix 5 s

gamme-fenix-5s the 5s version gets more high-end materials. But there should still be different price tags, since they are not all equipped with Sapphire (so that all the Spartan Ultra).

  • white with white band

  • money with turquoise bracelet

  • white with black strap

  • black sapphire with black strap

  • gray sapphire with gray bracelet

  • gray sapphire with bracelet metal

on the Fenix 5 s, the bezel is different, more refined, without apparent screws. We find the smooth design similar to the bezel of the Spartan Ultra.

my view

of course I spoke of 11 versions, but in fact they are more combinations of colors and different materials. But it is difficult to say if there will be versions with different features (a bit like the Runner 3 with or without sensor cardio, or like the Spartan Ultra / Spartan Sport).

is there an optical version without cardio?

the sensor cardio work in water?

will there be new running dynamics ?

what is it will integrate a music player (with music storage)?

and you, you’d like this Fenix 5 / 5s?


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