5 stories on Xiaomi you know maybe not

Xiaomi doesn’t have a long history: this start-up was created in 2010 and quickly found herself catapulted to international. It is certainly a lot more popular in China than in France, but she managed to acquire a reputation without even having to sell all its smartphones on its territory. This story here, fans know it so let’s rather less popular anecdotes.

the name is quite enigmatic

who says Chinese manufacturer said Chinese name. Xiaomi is the conversion of Chinese characters in Western alphabet, and as usual, the interpretation can leave to confusion. I asked explanations to my Chinese colleague and, according to her, the two characters 小米 (Xiao and Mi) literally means “little millet” (millet is a cereal) or even ‘little rice’. 

Xiaomi logo resembles the Western character “mi”. Charlotte explains Xiaomi tried here to link Chinese characters Latin characters as backwards, the Chinese symbol for Mi is very similar to the character that means “heart”. The term “Mi” is a name that can be found on all smartphones brand (mid, mid grade and RedMi), thus conveying a positive idea that unfortunately escapes Westerners.

xiaomi mi logo
is rather well thought out logo. © Xiaomi

the value of the start-up is phenomenal

2015 was the year of consecration for Xiaomi. If in Europe (and especially in Berlin) we imagine start-ups like small businesses to 30 people trying to make a name, Xiaomi is a notch above because she had managed to pass in front of Uber, thus becoming the first start-up to the world at the time. The turnover at this time, you may ask? No less than 20 billion! What more?

Today, Xiaomi grew still and even if Uber is again number 1, she proudly defends its second place with a value of $ 46 billion, ahead of AirBNB. The company continues to thrive, and today employs more than 8000 employees, which is a number considerable but nothing comparable to the 170,000 people of my Chinese rival: Huawei. The company is on an upward slope but it is best not to rest on its laurels, market moves fast and must change with it if we want to stay in the race.

Xiaomi will not being swallowed by competitors

what do you think?

The activities of the company are very varied

if it is not surprising to see giants such as Sony, Huawei or Samsung extend their tentacles in many sectors of activity, it is rather curious to see this phenomenon at a young company. That said, the case of Xiaomi is special and she understood that the key to success in the high-tech is to diversify. Certainly, she is known in the West primarily for its smartphones it sells at a price “as close as possible” to the manufacturing cost in order to attract customers. But Xiaomi, it’s much more than that.

Of course, Xiaomi specializes in the production of electronic devices: smartphones, connected bracelets, tablets, smart TVs and even connected shoes. It also works on many accessories, headphones connected shoes, and many others still. However, the surprise is elsewhere: Xiaomi also masters the technology of routers, gamepads and even drones. That said, I did have the opportunity to test the Mi Drone, but from what I have read on the subject is not what it could do better.

AndroidPIT xiaomi mi band 2 review 4
cameras, smartphones, electronic bracelets… © AndroidPIT

the young Xiaomi attracts experienced pundits

is not unique to Xiaomi: having the right contacts is always useful for a business. Whatever my level, regardless of its size. As the new in the market, Xiaomi needed to learn so much ask those who know: in 2013 she managed to poach Hugo Barra , former Google Product Manager (and the development of Android Manager), to be my Vice President.

In 2014, Xiaomi invites one of the three founders of Apple, Steve Wozniak. According to him, Xiaomi has “excellent products” who “are good enough to break into the American market”. That’s what flatter the ego of a young company. That said, one of the creators of Xiaomi is called “the Steve Jobs Chinese”, the other is one of the former bosses of Google in China and has also worked at Microsoft. In short, the beautiful world in a start-up.

have the right contacts is always useful for a business. Whatever my level, regardless of its size

Xiaomi was / is accused of spying

Maybe you already heard that the Chinese tend to spy on phones. Stereotype or reality? In 2014, spyware (spy software) have been detected on the Xiaomi RedMi Note and Xiaomi RedMi 1 S and were enabled on models sold in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. History has grown in the face of media pressure, a study was conducted by a Taiwanese Board which extends it to other manufacturers. The result: everyone was exonerated.

That said, the reputation was created. In 2015, a German company, G Data, announced that it was common to see spyware on Chinese smartphones, which confirms the results she had already seen previously on Star N9500. Things have they changed since? Then, as pointed out by my colleague Eric, that is which is worse: that Chinese manufacturers know all about us or Google to know all about us?

Do you know any other stories on Xiaomi?

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