5 stories on Wiko you know maybe not

If you are french, you’ve probably heard the name of Wiko. This company was created in 2011 in Marseille and met with success, at first in France but also beyond the borders. Several elements are to be learned from this “success story”, observe them more in detail. 

the name is neither Chinese nor french

unlike the manufacturers that I was interested previously, we need not here seek to decrypt Asian symbols or speculate a possible meaning. We might think that it is an acronym in which each of the four letters represent a Word, but it would be too simple. Some might even think that the name has a French origin since the company is based in the southeast of the country, but this is not the case either.

Blimey. Where did this name come from? Like many companies, Wiko is inspired by the language of Shakespeare (or rather my descendant) in order to get my name. The origin of the name lies simply in the formulation “We & the community”, may be used to present the philosophy of the company to (possible?) foreign partners. “We” (now Wi to keep the English pronunciation in french) with reference to the company and its employees, and “co” (reworded “ko”) referring to the community, that is to say customers. In other words, he could convey the idea of communion between the employees and the public.

AndroidPIT China
Wiko is wearing the french flag or the Chinese flag? © ANDROIDPIT

company French… but not

the question is on many lips: Wiko Yes or no is a French company? It was created under the name of Wiko SAS in Marseille, and has more than 200 employees in France, even more abroad. I had the opportunity to speak to Guillaume Trier, responsible for the international market of Wiko, who had confirmed to me that “everything is managed from the France” at the IFA.

To say it more simply, Wiko headquarters is located in France, that’s where we’re pulling the strings. In a more “administrative” perspective, the company belongs to the Chinese company Tinno , well known in the Middle Kingdom to its experience in the field of smartphones (research and development, manufacturing and sales). Tinno also has Mobistel NGM in Italy and Germany, companies which, on the whole, are less popular than Wiko.

Without Free Mobile, Wiko is not what it is today

what do you think?

A success due to many factors

trier explained the philosophy of Wiko. The idea is to market the smartphones that people really need, IE that do the work expected of them. I could (with a bit of exaggeration) compare smartphones to cars: do you want a comfortable car that takes you from point A to point B, or do you want a beautiful car that allows you to drive at over 300 km/h while you can’t ride at such a speed?

WIKO is interested so not at the high end, that is to say target on a mass market. The key to success, however, is due to another factor: the advent of the Free operator. The latter blew up the naked smartphone concept, i.e. the smartphone you can buy without a package. At that time, Wiko was one of the most attractive thanks to its low price. Over time, he found its customers.

Another aspect should not be overlooked: Wiko has developed relationships with sales, including cdiscount platforms.

AndroidPIT wiko ufeel prime 1233
here is the U Feel premium, one of the latest devices of Wiko. © AndroidPIT

Wiko is present internationally

in as long as good crowing, we always appreciate to see a French company succeed, particularly internationally. But you know how Wiko has been able to break into other markets? In France, it’s the 3rd manufacturer in terms of sales (according to the manager that I had met) and the 2nd at the level of the open market (sale of bare smartphones). In Portugal, this is the 2nd manufacturer in terms of sales and in Italy, it’s the fourth (in open market). WIKO not only of its success and part in the conquest of Europe on many countries, Latin countries as much as several English-speaking countries and Eastern Europe.

Europe is perhaps the easiest prey, but not the only goal of the brand. Africa is also in line of sight, especially with the Algeria and the Morocco that have good potential. WIKO is also present in Asia and the Middle East.

Wiko part in the conquest of Europe

Wiko does not just smartphones

Wiko is known mainly for its smartphones, but this still isn’t the only activity of the manufacturer. Remember last year’s Mobile World Congress: Wiko did not only smartphones but also accessories. Proposing so? We have a share of accessories for smartphones, of course: shells of protection, cables, chargers, cigarette lighter Chargers. There are also models of headsets and headphones.

Recently, Wiko also offers connected bracelets that can be useful for fitness enthusiasts and for those who want to receive notifications on their device. As Guillaume trier had indicated, the goal of this watch is not to leave in the high-end of the fitness or the smartwatch but simply to give users a good user experience with a functional system that does what is expected of him. 

Do you know other things about Wiko?

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