5 myths about the battery of your smartphone to disbelieve

there are many misconceptions about the battery of your smartphone. Does let it charge all night? Can we use a smartphone when it is charging? Should I always use an official charger?

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we all tend to think that the capacity of our batteries is the only important thing . And yet, we have all posed questions whose answers remain unclear. To see more clearly, here is therefore the 5 myths do not believe about the battery of your smartphone .

Always use a charger official

it’s a speech that we hear often in the news. It happens very often that smartphones have small problems when they are recharged. Some come to explode, the so-called unofficial charger fault.

However, this speech is purely marketing . It is quite possible to use a charger that is not sold by the brand. Attention, do not buy anything. But there are tons of Chargers offered by third-party brands that the deal altogether.

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they are cheaper but reload too quickly and not have no negative impact on the health of your smartphone and its battery. This speech of the mandatory official charger is intended only for brands to reap more profits. What is more, let them plug change absolutely nothing .

It is better wait until the battery is completely discharged

this myth is well anchored in the minds of many users. And yet it is totally false. It is no need to wait that the smartphone is completely unloaded to connect. This will not change the duration of battery life, she absolutely not deteriorate.

There are batteries that are in need of a complete discharge. But they are made of nickel. battery smartphone are made up of lithium-ion. And the lithium-ion batteries are more intelligent.

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for example if you recharge your smartphone while it is at 40%, the battery does not count a full recharge. If the multiplication of cycles deteriorating batteries, lithium-ion technology, the loss is extremely low.

After several years the battery still shows 80% of its capacity. Often, you change Smartphone while the battery shows signs of slowing down.

Close all applications lengthens autonomy

fake, fake, fake and lie. It is without doubt the myth more anchored in the minds of users. There only to see the number of people who, once they have finished using their smartphone, close all applications open during their session. They believe, wrongly, that close applications will lengthen the autonomy.

It’s not only completely wrong but this may even decrease autonomy of the smartphone. As explained by Google recently, close the application involves open it again more later to use it. However, the launch of the application will require more resources that restart it for multitasking. So better let her open streaming applications.

4 Go meilleure gestion multit√Ęche

also forget the so-called “killer app” applications that automatically close the apps and tasks in the background. Often, these applications are of true battery pumps. Autonomy is much more impacted if these apps were not installed.

Use the smartphone while it loads is bad for the battery

there still don’t worry. You can totally use your smartphone while it is charging. The only consequence will be that it recharges slower and it will heat a little. But there is clearly no impact on battery or autonomy.

Smartphones android jeux

stories of explosions, of smartphones on fire while they were used for a refill are pure myths. The problem never comes from this use, but another problem. So if you want to enjoy your best games while your smartphone charging, treat yourself, name of Zeus!

Recharge my smartphone all night is bad for the battery

all users or almost have this practice. After a day’s work, the smartphone is often short of breath. Need to recharge it. And what’s better than overnight to recharge it fully? You’re not going to serve you, you have a few hours before you, the top!

Except that since a good while now, we talk constantly of overload of the smartphone at night . FAKE! No smartphone does deteriorate if it’s plugged while he reached 100%.

No smartphone explodes, none catches fire. Bullshit! The only cases of smartphones taking fire are explained by a problem of distribution of air to cool the systems. There’s no other explanation.

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because the lithium-ion technology is quite able to detect when the battery is at 100%. As soon as this percentage is reached, the charging process is stopped. So don’t panic, you can still recharge your smartphone all night .

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