5 applications to exercise your brain

you believe or not, brain training and other intended applications to make you smarter are fun, and what they say effective when it comes to stir our thinking caps. These are simple games and applications which can be run on any Android smartphone without problems, and that will give you many moments of entertainment. Here is a selection of Android application in the moment of brain training.

the selected applications are suitable for all ages. It doesn’t matter if your child 10 years or else your grandfather plays.  These games can be especially useful to train your brain to best. In this list, I of course did not Wikipedia or Google Play books that can also help you in your brain training.

1 NeuroNation

this is an application which exercises, according to the description of the application, were developed in collaboration with neuroscientists and are based on the latest research in the field. This application has a total of 23 exercises that focus on solving problems by stimulating the memory and concentration.

Unfortunately, the application offers only a few free exercises. For others, you must pay 4.20 euros per session (each session includes 4 different exercises) or pay 19,90 euros for 6 sessions. Free exercises will help you convince or not. Funny thing, it is possible to compare your results with your friends, and even with your previous results. I highly recommend the app if you want your smartphone to you work your brain.

androidpit FR neuronation
training plans have been created with the cooperation of neuroscientists. © AndroidPIT
  • tested Version: 2.13.68

  • file size: 26.3 MB

  • compatibility: from Android 2.3

  • business model: free with in-app purchases

NeuroNation – cognitive games Install on Google Play

2. Brain Games

in this game, you will find four types of brain training: computation, logic, memory and observation. This time you have 20 exercises, four of which are paid (payment which will also remove all advertising of the game). The curiosity of this application is that each exercise is accompanied by the appointment of a major figure in history as Einstein, Galileo, Isocrates, etc.

each of the exercises you find is a different challenge, even for those who are in the same category. For example, in the calculation part, one of the exercises will make you write the results and another will make you check caches to obtain the result. Brain Games is for me the most comprehensive application of this selection.

androidpit FR braingames
each exercise has a goal. © AndroidPIT
  • tested Version: 0.1.4

  • file size: 16.2 MB

  • compatibility: from Android 2.3

  • business model: free with in-app purchases

Brain Games Install on Google Play

3. Brain Train

Brain Train is a different game from those described previously. The first exercise is meant to know the hemisphere of your brain that is dominant depending on the answers you give to the different questions. In the end, you will be provided an explanation of your results and its consequences.

After this first test, you can start the other exercises. Brain Train provides random exercise, namely that you can’t choose what you want to do. There is a bit of everything, so that you don’t have to worry about anything. Nothing will be forgotten. During the time that I tested, I saw no advertising except for another game called Einstein Brain Train, which sometimes appears after you complete an exercise.

androidpit FR braintrain
and you, which hemisphere of your brain do you use most? © AndroidPIT
  • tested Version: 1.0

  • file size: a few MB

  • compatibility: from Android 2.3

  • business model: free

BRAIN-TRAIN Install on Google Play

4. Elevate – Brain Training

this application is the only one offering a modern design (according to Material Design). It offers regular training of your brain. During the configuration of the application for the first time, there is the possibility to choose the number of weekly sessions you want to do. The minimum is 2 and the maxiumum is 7. You can pay for the application, which will then give you exclusive access to other exercises for a time determined according to what you pay (1 month if you pay 9.06 euros, 1 year for 32, 95 euros and forever if you pay 168,10 euros).

Each session consists of three exercises that stimulate characteristics different from the brain, although in some cases, it is necessary to master English in order to solve the exercises correctly. If you fail, you can repeat as much as you want. Depending on your level, exercises will become more complicated (they also force you to learn English indirectly). In the end, the goal of Elevate to improve your brain and its capabilities over the long term.

Elevate adapts to your needs. © ANDROIDPIT
  • tested Version: 3.1.3

  • file size: 42.9 MB

  • compatibility: from Android 4.0.3

  • business model: free with in-app purchases

Elevate – Brain Training Install on Google Play

5. Mind games

this colorful game offers different exercises to train your brain to entertain in these moments of boredom. They are all concentrated on a number of specific skills such as attention, mental flexibility, Visual memory, and some other aspects. If you decide to pay for this game, you will unlock exclusive exercises, the price is about 1.06 euros.

If you decide to access the list of games, you can choose the fiscal year you want among the proposed 21. Each time, the highest score is stored. All games are choose to make you progress.

androidpit FR jeux esprit
here again, the advertising is present within the game. © AndroidPIT
  • tested Version: 2.4.4

  • file size: 13.4 MB

  • compatibility: from Android 2.3

  • business model: free with in-app purchases

mind (Mind Games) games Install on Google Play

and you, what applications do you use to train your brain?

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