5 Android keyboards to try immediately

our default keyboard on smartphone or Android Tablet does not always suit us perfectly: speed, fluidity, size of letters and simply available characters can be improved. Fortunately, there are many applications to improve your experience of taking notes on Android. 

Minuum: to maximize the use of space

If you are looking for a keyboard that is out of the ordinary, Minuum is an option to consider. The application allows indeed fully to take advantage of the compact screen of your Android smartphone. And if your smartphone is more than 5 inches, Minuum can change your life. It is indeed one of the most intuitive keyboards of the Play Store.

Although not the fastest, Minuum is a great keyboard for those who want to be able to see more posts of their conversation on the screen while they’re typing a response. The keyboard is indeed near the bottom of the screen and you will be able to see more content.

The keyboard requires a time of adaptation since the letters are on the same line and not in alphabetical order.

androidpit best android keyboards 3
Minuum: the original and small keyboard on Android. © ANDROIDPIT
  • tested Version: 1.0.3

  • file size: 46.7 MB

  • compatibility: from Android 4.0

  • business model: free with purchases in app

Minuum Keyboard Free + Emoji Install on Google Play

Swiftkey: for its artificial intelligence

If you are one of those who always fall next to the desired key Swiftkey will please you. The principle is simple: rather than press the keys on the keyboard, let your fingers along the letters to create your Word. Easy as pie, but he had to think. This option is native on Android, and present on most keyboards, but with Swype Swiftkey popularized this technique. 

The app is very customizable, and its use is really instinctive. There are options (some of which are accessible only by in-app purchases), many emoji, an intelligent auto-correction. In addition to being quick, practical and functional, the keyboard also offers a modern look with the themes available.

AndroidPIT best keyboard apps 1629
Swftkey learns about your way of writing. © ANDROIDPIT
  • tested Version:

  • file size: 34.1 MB

  • compatibility: from 6.0 Android

  • business model: free with purchases in app

SwiftKey Keyboard Install on Google Play

Fleksy: for its speed

Fleksy allows you to write messages quickly, without sacrificing your desire for customization. Forget the old and boring dark keyboards in black and white! Say hello to color! Many themes are also available for free from the app. Others, paying, are also present.

Fleksy, in addition to the themes, offers interesting extensions that allow you to receive suggestions of emoticons, stickers and GIFs as you write. You can also automatically correct longer words or customize the size of the space bar to meet your needs.

androidpit best android keyboards 2
of the largest letters for those who write with their thumbs. © ANDROIDPIT
  • Version tested: 8.3.2

  • file size: 15.9 MB

  • compatibility: from Android 4.1

  • business model: free with purchases in app

keyboard Fleksy + Emoji Install on Google Play

Swype: the best for swype

Swype is one of the first to have launched the keyboard sliding on Android system. Overall, it gives exactly the same features as Swiftkey, but with a somewhat different ergonomics. Both are free, advice: try both. 

The application also uses artificial intelligence to learn your handwriting style and adapt its suggestions. This is also valid for emoji. The interface is also very clean. Finally, be aware that there are a variety of options, including a “thumb” intriguing mode, which creates a space between the half left and half right of the keyboard. In addition, SwiftKey is excellent to handle several languages and is one of the only keyboards on which you don’t need to manually exchange between them. Simply choose the languages that you want to use in the parameters, and the prediction of the text and special characters will automatically work for all languages. That’s very smart.

AndroidPIT best keyboard apps 1621
interface is simple but the writing is fluid and fast. © ANDROIDPIT
  • tested Version:

  • file size: 26.2 MB

  • compatibility: from Android 4.4

  • business model: free with purchases in app

Swype Keyboard Trial Install on Google Play

Go keyboard: the best for GIFs

at first glance, Go keyboard is not very attractive : its badly translated french and very ergonomic interface turn off somewhat. But once the application is installed, as well as the plugins that go with it, you will see how this app is worth the detour. This isn’t a surprise if he is one of the most downloaded and popular keyboards on Android. Many emoji are available.

The keyboard is very nice and easy to use, and many options allow you to customize it according to your tastes and habits. In addition, it is free, which is not without us.

AndroidPIT best keyboard apps 1617
Go Keyboard also offers several options for GIFs. © ANDROIDPIT
  • tested Version: 3.05

  • file size: 18.4 MB

  • compatibility: from Android 4.0

  • business model: free with purchases in app

GO keyboard Install on Google Play

Bonus: Google Keyboard, simplicity above all

the Google keyboard offers a simple and clean interface , but also of many smart features. In addition to a modern look, the text to speech allows you to write messages with the voice not to mention that the application recognizes many different languages. Is this keyboard found on smartphones Nexus and Pixel by default. As Swiftkey, keyboard Google remembers everything you type and is able to optimize its suffestions.

AndroidPIT best keyboard apps 1625
Google keyboard doesn’t offer extravagant features but it works perfectly! / © ANDROIDPIT
  • Version tested: 5.1.23

  • file size: 21.3 MB

  • compatibility: from Android 4.2

  • business model: free

keyboard Google Install on Google Play

and you, have you tested other keyboards? What are your findings?

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