3 reasons to finally does not regret the Galaxy Note7

formalized last August, the Galaxy Note7 have finally never seen the day on french soil, the fault to batteries that had the tendency to suddenly explode. The curse of the series Note in Europe therefore seems to persist after the marketing of the rating 5 last year. And although I must admit that I was particularly impressed by the new Samsung phablette during our test, I will explain in this article Why should finally not regret the Note7 in 2016.

a battery still no removable

by introducing its new design last year, Samsung has made a drastic choice. The arrival of this one-piece body saw the opportunity to open the back cover disappear. Result, the removable battery which doing so much happiness to the users of the range notes has been purely and simply deleted on the previous two models. 

Certainly, candidates are less numerous in this area and only LG seems to make resistance. However, there is still a public very strong for this type of smartphones. A smartphone with removable battery including the advantage to carry extra batteries to swap them to your liking. This should even be necessary when a smartphone, as was the case of the Note7, aims clearly professional customers often on the move. 

AndroidPIT samsung galaxy note 7 review 7589 off white flag
after many episodes, Samsung has finally stopped the marketing of the Galaxy Note7 in France. © AndroidPIT

a dangerous phone

unless staying away from your television/radio/computer/phone/AndroidPIT, you could not miss the controversy on the last Samsung Galaxy Note7. The new Samsung star phablette had indeed a battery problem well unfortunate since it could lead to an explosion of the smartphone. The first reminder decided in September had already done much to talk and I had been highly critical of the management of the crisis by Samsung.

in the end, its second equally disastrous launch got the better of the phone. The problem was beautiful touch that a small percentage of users compared to the number of Galaxy Note7 in circulation, the situation was too dangerous to allow an eventual marketing. Samsung also saved an even greater financial disaster. Before the incidents, American Constable could impose severe sanctions against Samsung. In the United States, the penalties can be very heavy and class actions can lead to damages and interest records

the alternatives are not

If you are looking for a device with a stylus, I must admit that you won’t find many alternatives. Similarly, none of the models mentioned that I quote then has an iris reader or advanced features that Samsung has implemented in the version of TouchWiz present on the Note7. However, if you are looking for a high phablette of range, you have the choice. In addition to the new Huawei Mate 9, OnePlus 3 , S7 edge , Moto Z or Pixel XL can be good substitutes.

AndroidPIT huawei mate9 0162
the Huawei Mate 9 is a good alternative to the Note7. © AndroidPIT

on top of that, the Note 7 was displayed at the rate of euro 859 in its 32 GB version (expandable by microSD card). The smartphone had many benefits, but its price was certainly not a. All the proposed alternatives are cheaper.

Do you regret the Galaxy Note7?

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