3 ideal applications to kill time in transport

smartphones are amazing items of technology: not a day goes by that we don’t use them to entertain us. They can be converted into our best allies when it comes to wait. So discover my top 3 apps that I use to pass the time in transport in this article.

not a day goes by without one escapes long journeys by car, subway, plane or in train. You’re not for all condemned to bore you or twiddling you your thumbs. Thanks to your Android smartphone, you can use this time to have fun and grow you. Of course, there are thousands of other applications and games in the Store. However, to avoid filling the internal memory of your smartphone with unnecessary applications and add your system, I can assure you that these three apps will perfectly fill their mission.

Classic Words: for fans of cerebral sport

If you are a fan of Scrabble, Classic Words is the right game for you. Already downloaded by more than 5 million people, Classic Words allows you to expand your vocabulary while doing your brain working. So, the concept of the game resumed one of Scrabble. He is to form words crossed on a grid with letters of different values, the colored boxes on the grid to multiply the value of letters or words.

The advantage of the app is based on its free and the fact that it is very simple and very light. Six levels of difficulty are available when you play against the computer. Unlike the letter games multiplayer online that can be found, there is especially no cheating.

androidpit FR classic words
Classic Words is the ideal game for fans of cerebral sport. © AndroidPIT

Finally, the french interface is also very good and all the french dictionary words are accepted. Also, be aware that a paid (4.75 euros) version is also available on the Store. She offers a mode 2 players, the publciite is absent, and the definitions are displayed.

  • Tested version: 1.9.6

  • file size: 11.5 MB

  • compatibility: from Android 3.0

  • business model: free with advertising

Classic Words in french Install on Google Play

Podcast & Radio Addict: for addicts of the radio

Podcast & Radio Addict is the application of reference in the middle of the podcast. The app is available in the free version, including pubs, but also in a paid version (2.49 euros) that removes the advertising. Everything is done to make it easily found through this application. Podcast Addict manages as well download automatic cleaning of your podcasts that you have already seen or listened to at a later date.

Androidpit FR podcast addict
so you don’t miss your favorite shows. © AndroidPIT

the application is complete and, of course, also supports good streaming as the offline mode. It has a very large catalog that integrates more and more the data base of iTunes which has more than 250,000 podcasts. Note that the major French radios are also built into the application.

  • tested version: 3.31

  • file size: 8.45 MB

  • compatibility: from Android 4.0.3

  • business model: free with advertising

Podcast & Radio Addict Install on Google Play

Feedly: learn all the news

Feedly is also one of the best-known RSS feeds on the Android market apps. Like News Republic, you can synchronize the flow of news, blogs or same videos on your smartphones and tablets. The application displays titles, intros and images (depending on the display option you choose) you can scroll. Based on an article that interests you, you can read all of its contents.

androidpit FR feedly
management Feedly is very nice. © AndroidPIT

Feedly so you allows you to organize your own Internet in selecting the sites you like and selecting your organization.  The interface is nice to use and the application is very light.

  • Tested version: 3.31

  • file size: 8.45 MB

  • compatibility: from Android 4.0.3

  • business model: free with advertising

feedly: your work newsfeed Install on Google Play

and you, what applications use – you to pass the time in transport? Let us know in the comments.

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