16 watches sport and activity trackers that have marked 2015 or which will revolutionize 2016

the wearables market explodes, and is now billions of dollars per year. 2015 has had its share of new releases and innovations.

here’s to start the 11 sports watches and trackers of activity that have marked 2015.

10 and 11. The new duo of Fitbit

Fitbit-Surge-Charge-HR Fitbit has chosen to beef up its trackers of activity with its superb Duet for 2015: the Fitbit Charge HR and the Fitbit Surge . These 2 trackers have boosted sales of Fitbit in 2015.

load HR does much more than most of the trackers of activity. It brings the heart rate monitoring 24/24, which allows to have a measure of activity more precise (including a calculation of calories expended much more realistic). The screen acts as an interface for smart notifications from your smartphone as the caller ID.

with the Surge, Fitbit mix smartwatch with a fitness tracker technology and seeks even to encroach on the turf of cardio GPS sports watches. The Fitbit Surge is a versatile tracker that can take to the gym and outdoor: followed the pace heart 24/24 mode activity tracker, running, multisport and same GPS positioning for output running or biking from time to time. Finally, on the side of smart, it displays on my screen large format calls, SMS, and notifications.

9. Garmin Vívosmart

Garmin Vivosmart Garmin has used to hold the head of the peloton about sports watches, but is facing increasingly competition on the part of the Fitbit and co on the one hand and the Polar or TomTom on the other. Garmin Vívosmart is the natural successor to Vívofit and offers users a combination of the smartwatch and fitness tracker, all in a beautiful curved package features. Alerts are by vibrations in the wrist and you will see an overview of what is happening on the OLED screen.

8. Swimmo

Swimmo out of small, this name could make big noise in the world of swimming, because he initiated a revolution. Initially, he is a Polish startup that believes in my product. They are launching a campaign of crowdfunding and harvest $ 184,000, 5 times more than their goal! What kind of innovation that has generated so much enthusiasm? A watch with a cardio optical sensor that works in the water! No button, its interface is specially designed for swimmers: navigating in the menus with the wrist movements.

7. Garmin Fenix 3

Garmin Fenix 3 when often sport outdoors, hard to find a watch with more features than the Garmin Fenix 3 . Designed for the person who doesn’t just a little jog on weekends, it can be used in running, swimming in open water and pool, bike and even ski. There are enough high level data for hardened triathletes and sportsmen who seek to improve their performance. The end of June update has fixed its main drawback of youth: the lack of GPS accuracy. There are notifications smartwatch, of daily activity tracker and a design of the most successful, making that she would never leave your wrist. In short, the Fenix 3 is the basis of Action Man Companion.

6. Moov Now

Bracelet Moov Now the Moov Now marks the beginning of the new generation of wearables, which will only more simply to record data that we consult on a screen or an app, but that will be used to actually improve my physical condition. Indeed, the great novelty of the Moov Now, it is to integrate a virtual coach fitness tracker, which will choose a sports program and give of the voice guidance in real time. It will, however, take my smartphone and headphones. Released in the fall of 2015.

5. Xiaomi MiBand

Xiaomi MiBand with 1 MiBand million already sold in Asia, Xiaomi would have been downright stupid to stop there. So the group went to conquer new markets in Europe and America with its lowcost activity tracker. The MiBand bracelet is far from perfect, but with a price wonder around €20, it is the perfect model as first tracker activity or as a gift if you are not sure that your wife will really want to wear an activity tracker. An activity tracker to start, and eventually proceed to a Fitbit or a Jawbone.

4. Jawbone UP3

Jawboe UP3 the last fitness tracker of Jawbone would be sexier than ever. He promised to recognize the kind of sport you play, thanks to a precision movement detector, and had to ship a revolutionary technology to monitor perspiration, hydration, and other biometric data. It had to be waterproof and fashion. The Jawbone UP3 should have been part of the best trackers of activity. But the effect of ad spent, the reality of disappointed: it’s not waterproof and where the Fitbit Charge HR doing cardio 24/24 monitoring, the UP3 does not have many arguments to compete. Of course, the basic tracking works well, but you can get all this for less with the UP2. The sleep of the UP3 tracking is far from scientifically accurate and cardio not really accurate. Jawbone has the means to do better with the UP4, but the UP3 isn’t the announced breakthrough.

3. Garmin Forerunner 225

Garmin Forerunner 225 she took a long time to come, but with the 255 Forerunner, Garmin has finally taken the plunge and joined the growing trend to integrate a sensor in optical pulse on the wrist. Garmin has therefore abandoned the traditional belt cardio to replace it with an optical sensor Mio. Built on the legacy of the Forerunner 220, 225 Forerunner is a great tool for the 5 k to the marathon runners who want to get rid of the influence of a chest belt. The combination of the color screen, vibrating alerts and the addition of a gauge of heart rate makes it easy heart rate monitor. The addition of the tracker activity and sleep in fact one track shows fairly complete.

2. Garmin Epix

Garmin Epix the convergence is a trend that we are seeing more and more in new technologies, with increasingly blurred boundaries between traditional product categories. The Garmin Epix is a browser with mapping handheld GPS, combined with a smartwatch, with features for sports training. The price is quite heavy, but for the moment, no other watch don’t get as many technology and does so many things.

1. Apple Watch

Apple watch Ah, Apple Watch. Apple has again demonstrated its power: they arrive on the market of the smartwatch 2 years after Pebble, but the Apple Watch is already the reference. The announcement showed the smartwatch to lots of people. Is this because the Apple Watch is the best smartwatch? No. Is it because it is the most beautiful? Probably not. But she was just awaited. Sports fans should, however, avoid the watch of Apple at the moment or the risk of disappointment, because the Apple Watch Sport does not compare with a Garmin, Suunto, or Polar sports watch. But if you love your iPhone, you use an app to track your sessions of sport and you want one of the best mobile technology available today, Apple watch is for you.

what should be expected for 2016?

there are 5 key areas in which manufacturers must make innovative improvements to stimulate the market of wearables.

stability and accuracy: If power over proud at my cardio GPS watch to improve athletic performance or my fitness tracker to improve my physical condition, the measured data should be accurate and reliable.

autonomy: in all wearable, the autonomy of the batteries is a key feature because we want to be able to do more and more thing with, but without having to recharge her bracelet every night. The recovery of energy and power will be essential to power the future wearables.

connectivity: data will be exchanged everywhere. Data transmissions will be ubiquitous and should be faster.

menus and interface: the interface should become more intuitive, to open the market to people who are less in thecomfortable with technology.

new materials: materials will have to become more flexible in order to keep up with the dynamic forms of the body.

the manufacturers will get closer and partnerships

these last 2 years, there has already been several examples of partnership to meet the challenges of technology and aesthetics of the product.

FitBit and Tory Burch developed a collection of bracelets and necklaces for the Fitbit Flex .

TomTom and Garmin have built-in cardio Mio/Philips optical sensor in their Cardio Runner and their Forerunner 225.

as the boundaries between product categories disappear, the manufacturer will seek complementary expertise they need and the amount of partnerships.

watches sport and activity trackers that will revolutionize 2016

Apple Watch 2

some see Apple as a miracle maker. But with my Watch, Apple faces my biggest challenge. Apple Watch was announced in September 2014 with Iphone 6, then put up for sale in April 2015. However, I think that Apple will not follow the same pattern for its Watch 2. I think Apple will let the first one model for Christmas sales and will announce its 2 Watch that early 2016, to mars. According to rumors on the web, the Apple Watch 2 could be equipped with a FaceTime camera, as well as Wi – Fi connectivity allowing it to receive emails and others without your Iphone. Will there be new features for sport? I don’t think so. I don’t really see the interest that would be Apple to add a GPS chip.

Suunto Ambit4

in outdoor watches, Suunto is referred by its reliability and accuracy. The brand will have to capitalize on its strengths by integrating new features to have an Ambit4 that can compete with Garmin Epix and Fenix3 models. The first basic functionality that Suunto has to add, it’s vibration alerts. Then innovations could come on the side of the screen (resolution, zoom, negative temperatures), GLONASS compatibility and why not GALILEO. I think we could see out the Ambit4 in the spring of 2016 , around March/April.

Xiaomi MiBand 1 S

Xiaomi arrived in force on the market of the trackers of activity and should continue my effort out a fitness tracker with more features. The Xiaomi MiBand 1 S should receive optical pulse sensor. The design of the bracelet won’t change much, but track of heart rate would certainly be a welcome novelty. This fitness tracker lowcost would directly compete with more expensive options like the Fitbit Charge HR or Surge.

Google Health wristband

Google-Band the trackers of activity are normally for people who want to stay in shape. Google wants to change all that with a tracker of health, which would transmit information about patients to doctors. Developed by the division search Google x, it should measure heart rate, blood pressure, the temperature of the skin and external factors such as exposure to sunlight and noise level. All of these data could be sent directly to a physician to give information on the State of health of the patient in real time. The idea is to make a tracker of prevention that could capture the first signs of disease.

Garmin Fenix 4

Garmin will have much to do with the development of its Fenix 4 to make forget all the inconvenience of the lack of precision in the series of the Forerunner X 20 and Fenix 3 (which seems to be finally arrived at a version stabilized this summer). In addition, Garmin is at the forefront of technological innovation. Dare integrate a cardio optical sensor on their high-end model? The Forerunner 225 having proved its accuracy, it is in the realm of the possible. When might this Fenix 4? I do not think that Garmin will take the risk of being left ahead of the release of the Suunto Ambit4, Fenix 4 so should also go out in the spring of 2016.

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