What is the bracelet Fitbit right for you?

Fitbit is by far the most widespread connected bracelets brand (in terms of market share). Its activity trackers are simple, boilerplate and work with a really effective application. Little by little, they have developed a range that goes now from 50 to €200, and which allows everyone to find the band that meets her needs (and budget).

but the great achievement of the Fitbit is for making simple bracelets, story not scare people who do not stick with technology and wearables.

first bracelets not frankly very pretty (but still very colorful) to the last connected watch Fitbit Blaze, there is something for everyone.

Fitbit load 2 fitbit-charge-2

he lost 2 letters, but load 2 is the successor of the Charge HR with a cardio optical sensor. But with a bigger touch screen 4 times! And a much nicer design. It includes advanced features for training and cardio: monitoring 24/24, resting, estimation of the VO2max. He can use the GPS on your smartphone and even do a split session. The shop offers a wide selection of bracelets, as much on the colors on materials (silicone, baked, nylon).

notice: load 2 is the most successful Fitbit bracelets. Very interesting for active who seek to follow their shape cardio, without that the race walk.

Fitbit Flex 2 fitbit-flex-2

this is the first bracelet Fitbit waterproof. Yes, the first and only. Others are just resistant to water, but you can’t swim with. It records your activity 24/24, the day it automatically detects the type of activity (walking, running, cycling, swimming) and the night he recorded the quality of your sleep. The display is limited to 4 LEDs, supplemented by vibration alerts.

notice: Flex 2 is one of the very rare bracelets activity tracker that we can keep all the time at the wrist, even at the pool.

Fitbit Alta fitbit-alta

is the last activity tracker, heir of the Fitbit Flex, but with a much more successful design of 2016. It fulfills the basic features: number of distance traveled, calories burned and followed the sleep, all displayed on a better screen. my band features to display incoming calls, SMS Messages, notifications and calendar alerts.

notice: there is no innovation in the Fitbit Alta , but just a design that gives more want to wear 24/24.

Fitbit Blaze fitbit-blaze

the Fitbit Blaze is at halfway between the fitness tracker and the smartwatch. On the one hand, Fitbit would it competes with the Apple Watch with its elegant design and its smart notifications. And on the other hand, they have built-in features for sports enthusiasts: cardio optical sensor on the back of the watch, Bluetooth link to use a Smartphone and sport programs GPS signal made with algorithms to detect the types of movements.

notice: Blaze suit fans of sports halls a little geek than the runners, who prefer him a bracelet with GPS built-in (like the Fitbit Surge ).

Fitbit Charge HR fitbit-charge-hr

is the flagship activity of Fitbit tracker. Who sells the most, because it offers the best ratio between features and price. my cardio optical sensor to measure your heart rate during exercise and also 24/24. In addition, it detects the type of movement and will be the good companion to get a good idea of your physical condition. The small screen to view some statistics, time and also the name of the person calling you.

notice: perfect if you are eager to track your heart rate statistics. Not to mention that the price of the load HR has dropped since its release.

Fitbit Surge fitbit-surge

this is the most expensive bracelet Fitbit. What explains this difference? Because it’s the only one that integrates a GPS chip. It is very comprehensive: cardio at the wrist, GPS, control the music and smart notifications (SMS, alerts and incoming calls). But he unfortunately not rival the precision like the Garmin GPS watch Forerunner 235 .

notice: If you’re not just a (excited () of sports halls and occasionally you run out, the GPS of the Surge will improve the follow-up of your training program.

Fitbit load fitbit-charge

slightly cheaper than its big brother the Charge HR, the Fitbit Charge does not have sensor cardio. So it can follow your daily activity, but not your pace heart 24/24. But on the other hand it has a screen larger than Flex.

notice : the advantage of the load compared to Flex, it’s automatically in the sleep tracking mode.

Fitbit Flex fitbit-flex

is the oldest activity tracker bracelet to Fitbit, who initiated the reputation of reliability in this area. In the face of my descendants, he does not have the time, gets smart notifications.

notice: opt for the Flex If you are looking for a bracelet for tracking your daily activity without paying for unnecessary features.

Fitbit One fitbit-one

a bit retro, the Fitbit One is an activity tracker that is clipped to the belt as the old pedometers. The advantage is that it is very accurate and more discreet than a bracelet tracker. In addition to the number of not, it also counts the number of floors and follows the sleep (but not automatically).

notice: If you do not want to wear a bracelet in addition to your watch, go to the One .

Fitbit Zip fitbit-zip

this is the baby of the range. This is what he can do? Like the others, it counts the number of steps, measures distance, calculates the number of calories burned and gives the number of minutes of activity of the day. It also gives the time on its small screen.

notice: to choose for the small price of the Zip .


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