[Tutorial] diagnose the failure of my car [Full Guide]

the technology definitely does not stop. Normally, a suspicious noise coming from your vehicle stands, if you have no knowledge in mechanics, a passage forced in a mechanic.

now, your smartphone offers another alternative. Indeed, before passing by the mechanic box, it is possible, through your phone and a small connector, an accurate diagnosis of the condition of your vehicle. Here are the instructions:


your phone is smart, but he needs a good application to interpret information from the famous case. Go to DashCommand , a free and fairly complete app.


you must now check on the Internet that your vehicle is compatible with the standard OBD. Standard that ensures that your car is able to monitor electronically the condition of the engine.

the ELM327 case

this box in hand, you need to connect it directly to the OBD 2 of your car. The location of the housing connection differs depending on the model and can be located either under the ashtray, behind the wheel, or at the top of the pedal, for example. Save time and avoid mistakes by downloading the application where is my OBD 2? .

the lights

when connected, the connector will interpret the signals of your engine, and send them to your phone. You can now turn off a light that lights up because of a fake contact, or even know whence an engine failure.

forget the appointment with the mechanic, you diagnose even the failure of your car, with your smartphone!

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