[Tutorial] customize the unlock screen

did you know that on average, holders of smartphones (Android and iOS) combined unlock their smartphone about 100 times a day? Whether to reply to a message, look at Twitter, surf the Web, watch Facebook, Candy Crush play or watch Google + (there), this small gesture can quickly become tedious, especially if you use a code or a scheme for secure access to your terminal. Defumblr is perhaps the solution.

the application will transform the unlock screen in collection of bubbles (of widgets), one of your messages, one showing the weather or a flow of information, the other activating silent mode, etc. The bubbles are of course customizable, but the feature of Defumblr is a smart algorithm that will ‘learn’ from your use to display any shortcut, depending on your habits.

to win more time, it is possible to respond to messages, create a list of things to do, add an appointment in the calendar… directly from the unlock screen. The first open the app, follow directions for the initial Setup.


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